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Playa Carizalillo caters to beginners, while Playa Zicatela attracts the pros.

There are two great surfing beaches in the main center of Puerto Escondido, offering very different levels of waves.

The first, Playa Carazilillo, is perfect for beginners. It is near to a section of town called Rincon - and this is a very easy place to find a surf instructor if you need.

There is a long staircase leading down to the beach, the one way in and out of this cove. This feels a lot longer after a day of surfing, when your energy is spent and the hike uphill carrying your board takes massive effort!

From the beach, it is a short paddle out to the wave break. Conditions vary, but it is often an easy paddle, and the shore is very sandy, making for easy transitions in and out of the water.

Sunset waves at this beach are very popular, and surfers occasionally spot dolphins near to this cove!

The second beach is Playa Zicatela, an internationally renowned wave break that is better known as the "Mexican Pipeline". Since the 1970s, the surfing spotlight has shown on this beach as the best waves in Mexico, with a swell size of 2-10 feet and a wave height that extends up to 25 feet.  The beach is 3.5 km long, and there is a strong undertow here which makes it more dangerous for surfers and unsuitable for swimmers.

On the far southern end of Zicatela, waves begin to mellow, and intermediate levels of surf can be found.

Surfing season in Puerto Escondido extends from April to October, and wetsuits are not necessary.

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