Haley Churchill

Loved Jumbo Rock

Campsites 1 and 2 are by far the best! It’s spacious and some fun rock formations to scramble on.

Finally Found Arch Rock

We completely missed the path way to the start of the trail, so we cut through a camp site and searched a bit until we finally stumbled upon arch rock! The greatest thing about Joshua Tree is that there are so many different cool rocks to scramble on, we kept saying “is this it” “is this it”, until finally we saw it!

Exciting hike!

My friend and I went when there was still some snow, but the sun was out so the ground was softening up. The hike was beautiful! It was an easy two miles down and a challenging, but fun two miles back up. We couldn’t cross the river to get over to the right side of the waterfall because the water was high, from all of the rain months prior. It was still great to see and not as challenging as I thought it was going to be. Tips: Trail is narrow so watch your step Don’t drive after rainfall or snowfall if you don’t have 4 wheel dive, as the dirt road gets soft

Hiking The Back Route

If you go the back route, it’s a steep paved road with twists and turns that make the hike challenging and rewarding. It’s also only 2.0 miles up to Potato Chip Rock which makes it a short, but fun morning hike. Recommended to hike as the sun is rising because this trail can get very crowded during the day.

Hiking Torrey Pines

Beautiful views, definitely recommend walking along the beach to do the full circle at Torrey Pines. There are many lookout points, if you have time explore them all! Parking is $20, so be prepared for that!

California Sunset

Beautiful sunset views, a great place to have a picnic with friends or just sit and read peacefully

Beautiful Tent Rocks

This was such a beautiful hike, definitely doable at any level. Pro Tip: bring at least 72 ounces of water with you on this 3 mile hike. Hiking in the heat catches up to you, but so worth it.

Refreshing Dip

Wasn’t as big as expected, but it was definitely a refreshing dip in 100 degree weather

The Views

The views were amazing. Every lookout point was jaw dropping, easy access too.