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A wonderful park with the trees of Pindus and amazing views to the surrounding mountains

Metsovo is a traditional village/small town in the center of Pindus mountain range in northern Greece. It is located in a majestic landscape high in the mountains surrounded by evergreen forests and deep canyons.

It is famous for its architecture and art works, as well as for its great wineries that produce some of the finest wines from high altitude vineyards. Although there are plenty to see and do in Metsovo, there is one park that anyone with love for nature will definitely appreciate: the garden of Averof.

It is a ten acre park that hosts all the flora of Pindus mountains. Pines, firs, beeches, robolas, holly and many other species of trees and shrubs that grow in the area can be found around the park, spread around a beautiful small church. Walking inside the park is amazing.

The park is located in a slope and therefore there are also incredible views to the surrounding mountains. The are is rather pristine and unspoiled by human activities and as such the mountains are a spectacle to watch.

To get to the park, simply follow the main stone road from the central square of Metsovo. It's no more than a few hundred meters away from the square and there are signs as well. Before reaching the entrance of the park, there are also public fountains with clear running water from mountain springs and you can safely drink from there before or after visiting the gardens. 

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