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Do Gaudet

Outdoor enthusiast and weekend warrior. I try to keep two pups happy while running around the East Coast of Canada. Living in Moncton, NB.

This place is just beautiful. We had stopped by to make ourself a cup of coffee and stretched our legs while we were driving across Death Valley in the fall. Zabriskie Point was desert and we barely saw any people while we were there. The spot absolutely worth the stop.

Krka National park is truly a spectacular place in Croatia, but there are a lot of people wanting to swim under Skradinski But waterfall. A lot. In my experience, the 2 k hike looked like an ant path with people walking in line until they reach the basin. Just prepare for the crowd to love the experience.

Lake Martin is a perfect swamp for a quiet paddle in the bayous. I went in with a French immersion group associated with the Atchafalaya National Heritage Aera and they were great guides. The lake is very quiet and if you keep your eyes open, you will most likely see many birds and alligator floating around. Lake Martin is a must when daytripping around Lafayette.

Beautifull short canyon hike in Big Bend. The walls are impressive and the view is stunning. I tried to be a cowboy and hike in cowboy boots and my advice is: don't do it. Santa Elena is absolutely worth your hiking boots if you are less into longer desert hikes or to cool off a little.

Spring Point was one of our favorite lighthouses on the coast of New England. It is quite interesting to visit the small museum inside and the walk on the water is very refreshing.

The beach is beautiful (and most people are at least partially dressed), but the stairs are quite challenging.

We loved hiking Gorham Mountain in Acadia. There is less people than on Cadillac Mountain and the trail features some beautiful view of the coast. It's possible to loop the trail with Beehive, Sand beach and Ocean Path to come back at the parking.

Hike to Mont-Royal's Belvedere to access the best view of the city. A large trail system let people enjoy the mountain all-year-round. There is an ice rink on top of the mountain during Winter, and people used to slide down riding Crazy Carpet. Hiking Mont-Royal is a must for outdoorsy people visiting Montreal.

Great hike in the desert. I remember the path was a little hard to follow but absolutely worth it. Many places to swim and dive to cool off. Beautifull waterfall.

It feels like there are hundreds of different attractions, caves, theater, churches and canyons you can visit while hiking around the ancient city of Petra. If you are into it and you are willing to pay a bit more, you can ask for a local guide to show you around as there are so much to see and so much to learn. I went in a morning in early December and only a few tourists were around. If going offseason, I would suggest wearing good waterproof hiking shoes as we were caught in a pretty spectacular rainstorm. My experience had mud everywhere but was magical for the eyes.

Cape split is a beautiful hike that brings you on a cliff into the bay of Fundy. You hike in the wood the hole way, but the trees are beautiful, you can spot a lot of different fungus and the trail is well maintained. The park is much more crowded than we expected but we were lucky enough to hike later in the day so the way back was pretty quiet. We did the hike in 4 hours, including a 30 minutes break on the cliffs. The view was just stunning.

Great trail in Cape Breton that worth hiking if you don't have your dog with you. I believe it's the only hike in the park where dogs are not allowed. Start with the right trail if you plan to hike the loop so you will hike facing the see and it will be a lot less crowed. From the boardwalk on the top of the trail on a very clear day, you can see the Magdalen Islands in the middle of the golf. Look for them!

The Third vault trail is one of our favorites in Fundy National Park and we have done it several times. As being said, the trail is fairly easy except for the last part that goes down to the gorge (and back up!). It's magical to have lunch by the biggest waterfall in the park and the trail can be completed in a couple of hours. If you are into trail running, it might be a great trail to try out.

We have been to Hopewell Rocks in early spring as the tide was at the lowest point. The park was closed, but we could still go down to see the rocks. We parked in the regular parking to hike down the trail, but we also could have park by the beach. We only saw a handful of people during the hole time we were there and our dog had the time of her life running in the seaweed.