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Top Spots

Butterfield and Eagle Marsh Trails Loop

Theresa, New York

3.25 mi / 177 ft gain

Grass Lake Overlook, North Ridge, and Sugar Shack Trails Loop

Theresa, New York

2.97 mi / 262 ft gain

Redwood Hill Preserve

Redwood, New York

1.27 mi / 141 ft gain

Wellesley Island State Park

Fineview, New York

1.97 mi / 272 ft gain

Rock Dunder Trail

Lyndhurst, Ontario

3.1 mi / 305 ft gain

John MacFarlane Trail

Clayton, New York

1.45 mi / 79 ft gain

Kayak Tip to Tip on the Rideau Canal

Kemptville, Ontario

2.5 mi

Chaumont Barrens Preserve

Chaumont, New York

1.58 mi / 118 ft gain

Black River Trail: Great Bend to Felts Mills

Fort Drum, New York

5.04 mi / 322 ft gain