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The Best Hiking in Nova Scotia

Looking for the best hiking in Nova Scotia? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Nova Scotia. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top hiking spots in and near Nova Scotia

  • Canning, Nova Scotia

    Hike Cape Split Trail

    9.9 mi
    This is a Nova Scotia classic and a well-known hike. The trailhead has been recently upgraded by the province so parking is no longer a major concern. There is a nice picnic area at the parking lot, but I recommend hauling your lunch to the point - it is a much more scenic picnic spot!The trail s...
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  • Middleton, Nova Scotia

    Hike to Blue Falls & Healy Brook Falls

    0.9 mi
    The trails are easy to find. The river goes underneath an overpass and both trails, on the other side. The paths are both easy to walk through. A beginner would have no problems. However, if you are bringing along children just watch out for the cliff drop alongside the path when going to Healy F...
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  • Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia

    Camping at Meat Cove

    Some friends and I recently rode our motorcycles up to Cape Breton where our final destination was Meat Cove. It's the northern most point accessible by motor vehicle. In the morning we hiked to a scenic cliff side and were welcomed warmly by friendly staff. We spent the day at the private beach ...
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  • Canning, Nova Scotia

    Hike to Haunted Falls & Black Hole Falls

    2.5 mi
    This isn't much of trail so be prepared to bushwhack. If you pull over at the end of Old Baxters Harbour Road, you'll see a sign and a map outline of the trails. You just have to follow the stream, go right you get to Black Hole Falls, and go left you get to Haunted Falls and the shore.To get to ...
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  • Victoria, Subd. A, Nova Scotia

    Hike Franey Mountain

    4.3 mi / 984.3 ft gain
    If you find yourself driving the Cabot Trail around Cape Breton, you can't miss out on the hike up to Franey Mountain.  From the Cabot Trail, you will find the trailhead for Franey Mountain just north of the Clyburn River.  Take a turn off onto Franey Road and follow it for about 1km to the parki...
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  • Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia

    Hike Cape Breton's Skyline Trail

    5.6 mi / 1330 ft gain
    About 1,330 feet atop the French Mountain along Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail lies the Skyline Trail, a secluded and serene hiking trail which will lead you to jaw-dropping views of both the Cabot Trail itself as well as the Gulf of St. Lawrence. What begins as a seemingly benign, well-manicured trai...
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  • Canning, Nova Scotia

    Amethyst Cove

    6.2 mi / 500 ft gain
    You start by going on the same trail that you would if you were doing the Cape Split hike but not far in the woods you turn right and follow the orange flags. The hike itself is maybe 20 minutes uphill and then you come to the decent down the cliff that will take you to the shore. At the top ther...
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  • Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

    Hike the Middle Head Trail

    2.4 mi / 131.2 ft gain
    Open from mid-May until mid-October. A park pass is required for hiking or use of other services in the park. Check in at the Parks Canada Visitor Centres in Chéticamp (16 Visitor Centre Rd., situated on the west side of the park) or in Ingonish (37637 Cabot Trail, on the east side of the park) t...
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