Amethyst Cove

6.2 miles 500 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Brogan Brown

Super fun hike. The 500ft decent on the cliff is totally worth it. Amazing views and amazing collectibles.

You start by going on the same trail that you would if you were doing the Cape Split hike but not far in the woods you turn right and follow the orange flags. The hike itself is maybe 20 minutes uphill and then you come to the decent down the cliff that will take you to the shore. At the top there's a bucket full of gloves people have left there in case you forgot your own! The ropes are secure but you can never be too careful with extras. The whole way down there are enough places to have your feet and hands, that it isn't too difficult if you just take your time. 

Once you hit the shore, you go right.. you'll first come across a waterfall and then not too far after is the cove itself. The whole walk there you'll have a hard time not trying to stare at the rocks, the ground is covered with agate and amethyst. Make sure you check tide times before you even plan your trip! Keep an eye on your watch when you're there, you don't want to get stuck when tide comes back in!What I loved most about this place was that it still looked completely untouched. The people who tend to do this hike leave it be. No garbage anywhere. The cliffs are pretty spectacular as well. This is a hike isn't for everyone because of the 500ft rock climb, but it's certainly one of my favorites. One I'll keep going back to. 

Here's my blog link from this trip: https://beeandbeyond.wordpress...

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