Hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse

5 miles 1300 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Nate Luebbe

A rustic teahouse sits on the shore of Lake Agnes, an isolated glacial lake in Banff National Park.  

Towering peaks, glaciated valleys and crystal clear water draws thousands of visitors a year to the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. A short hike takes you beyond the crowds up to Lake Agnes, in a beautiful valley surrounded by jagged peaks and golden Larch trees. 

At the foot of Lake Agnes sits a beautiful historic log cabin that serves an amazing variety of global tea and hand made foods. Cash-only transactions, Canadian and US dollars are accepted. 

The hike begins at 6000 feet in elevation,  is 2.5 miles each direction and gains 1300 vertical feet. This is a non-technical trail so any comfortable footwear for walking or hiking will be sufficient. The trail is well maintained and well traveled, but the climb is fairly strenuous considering how short the distance is. Around the halfway point is a small pull off for Mirror Lake which makes a great place to rest and hydrate if need be!

Keep in mind that the Canadian Rockies are very much an alpine climate so bring warm clothes even in the summer months, as the weather can change in an instant. You will be within shouting distance of massive glaciers and ice-fields, so even if it seems warm and calm at the trailhead, it can be quite cold at Lake Agnes! 

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🥈 Contributor

3 months ago

Fairytale little lake

I did this hike for sunrise in late September in the middle of Larch season. Unfortunately there was no actual sunrise, the sky was clouded over, but the scene was unreal. It was lightly snowing which helped the golden larches stand out. The lake was calm and still, mirror like, and the peaks towered over you. As the morning did progress, it did get crowded at the tea house as it is still is close enough of a hike from Lake Louise it sees a lot of tourist traffic. That is the only reason for 4/5 stars.


almost 3 years ago

Great long hike

We decided to do the Tea House Challenge. Started around 7:30am and hiked to the Lake Agnes Tea House first. I 100% recommend doing this hike first, and then the Plain of Six Glaciers. The trail going up to Lake Agnes is much easier than if you start in the opposite direction. Make sure you have very comfortable hiking boots. Speaking from experience, heel blisters + this trail= not fun!!

🥈 Contributor

about 3 years ago

Opens at 8, get there at 7:50.

This place gets SUPER crowded during the day. If you want it to yourself/want a seat...get there early.


This hike is beautiful! Definitely a busy trail. We got started a little past 9 and the trail was already bustling. You get to pass little Mirror Lake on the way up. Lake Agnes is just breathtaking. The teahouse is pretty small but smells heavenly. I would highly recommend!


🥇Top Contributor

about 4 years ago

Piece of heaven

A beautiful adventure as you hike to the highest tea house in Canada. Be sure to hit the trail early, we were the first to sit down and counted over 600 people ascending as we left. While this is closed in the winter, it is a fun snowshoe trek so long as there are no avalanche warnings! A bench just past the Tea House overlooks the waterfall is a perfect place to rest.

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