Hike to the Bouctouche Dunes Lighthouse

14.9 Miles Round Trip - 65.6 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

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Grab yourself a big bottle of water and go looking the the Bouctouche lighthouse at the far end of the dunes.

In Bouctouche, New Brunswick, you can hike one of the longest strip of dunes in the east cost of North America. The 12 k of dunes is the habitat of many birds and plants. It is also the home is the endanger piping plover. Visitors must walk on wet sand and be careful not to disturb wildlife. Therefore, dogs are not permitted on the beach. 

The dunes are part of the Irving ecocenter. They operate from the end of May to September, but the beach is accessible all year long.  Use the designated parking across the street from the center. 

At the beginning of the dunes, there is a beautiful 800 meters boardwalk. It once was longer, but was destroyed during a winter storm a few years ago. At kilometre 2 on the beach, you can still see the vestige of end of the boardwalk going into the water. 

There is no need for maps hiking the Bouctouche dunes, you won't get lost following the sea shore to the end. Don't forget to put sun scream on. Walking bare feet on the sand might sounds like a good relaxing idea, but we very much suggest good hiking shoes. Don't forget: 24 K out and back. 

At kilometre 10, you should be able to see the lighthouse at the far end, across the dunes. To reach it, we crossed strait to the lighthouse at kilometre 11, being very carefully not to disturb any bird nest or wildlife. 
The lighthouse coordinates are 46.461143, -64.612852

Finally, don't be surprised to meet people at the far end of the dunes: it seems like a great clam fishing spot. People take their boat to get to the dunes and are back to the wraf at the end of the day.

Going to the end of the dunes will take you several hours. We walked for about 3.5 hours on the way in. You should leave early if you are doing the out and back in one day.  


Family Friendly


14.9 Miles
65.6 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail

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