Kakak around Cocagne Island

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Cocagne Island is a blue heron sanctuary and one of the nicest kayak routes in New Brunswick. Kayaking around it is the best way to enjoy the singularity of the island.

No official roads will bring you to Cocagne Island. To reach the shore, we suggest you dock your (own) kayak or canoe at Cocagne's Cormierville wharf situated about one mile from the island.

First, head south toward Cocagne Island. Before leaving, check the tides to establish which route to take to get to the island from the wharf. We suggest you go around the island clockwise, keeping the island to your right. If the tide is high, you can head straight to the tip of the dune (south west from the wharf) and paddle along the island to get to the North Side cliffs. Keep in mind that as you near the cliffs, there will be rocks and perhaps a few sand dunes, so remain at a good distance. You might have to circle around a little at low tide, and so you will want to head directly towards the North Side cliffs (south east from the wharf) as to avoid the sand dunes. There can be very little water come low tide. As you approach the island, always keep an eye out for waves telling you a sand dune or a big rock is up ahead. 

We usually stop on the beach in the first or second cove for a swim and a quick exploration of the island. If you do so, stay on the trails (the woods are full of poison ivy) and leave no trace. There is lots of wildlife on the island and it is home to many kinds of birds: it is even known to be a blue heron sanctuary. Keep an eye open and don’t forget your binoculars!

Going around the island on the south extremity, you will notice a wharf on the other side of the bay and more boat traffic. This is the main nautical path for the boats coming from and going to the Cocagne Marina. Be careful not to paddle in the channel: you have plenty of room around the Island. 

On the inside shore of the island, make sure to stay away from the oysters bed so you won't bother the farmers.

All and all, going around the island takes about 5 to 6 hours if you take it easy and rest along the way to enjoy the beaches and have lunch. We think the best time to start your adventure would be around 3 hours before high tide so you are less likely to carry your boat on the sand dunes in the extremities of the island.  

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