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Nanaimo F, British Columbia

Looking for the best fitness in Nanaimo F? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Nanaimo F. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Fitness Spots in and near Nanaimo F

  • Nanaimo F, British Columbia

    Summit Mt. Cokely via the Historic CPR Trail

    12.4 mi / 1000 ft gain
    The trail from Cameron Lake to the top of Mount Cokely (5302') provides the most ready access to the alpine on Southern Vancouver Island. The route is straightforward and non-technical, albeit physically challenging. Expect to spend 6-8+ hours if hiking the entire route described below (which we ...
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  • Alberni-Clayoquot F, British Columbia

    Run the Alberni Inlet Trail

    14.9 mi / 3937 ft gain
    I have lived on Vancouver Island my entire life yet I had never heard about this world class trail until last summer.  A 24km point to point coastal trail that travels the length of the Alberni Inlet from the coast right to the town? Through paradise meadows, along sun drenched bluffs, past water...
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  • Denman Island, British Columbia

    Hike through Boyle Point Provincial Park

    2.2 mi / 115 ft gain
    Boyle Point Provincial Park is located on Denman Island British Columbia Canada. To get there you take the Denman Island Ferry from Buckley Bay off Hwy #19A on central Vancouver Island. Take the Buckley Bay exit #101 from Hwy #19A. Once on the island, follow Denman Road to the Hornby Island Ferry...
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  • Fanny Bay, British Columbia

    Rosewall Creek Falls

    3.84 mi / 515 ft gain
    Starting at the Rosewall Creek Provincial Park parking lot you take the trail upstream of the creek passing under the inland island highway bridge. This trail eventually leads out of the provincial park boundary, but don't worry you haven't gone too far. It is about a 7 km roundtrip hike and the...
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  • Nanaimo, British Columbia

    Hike to Ammonite Falls

    2.69 mi / 558 ft gain
    The falls cascades off of a sheet of rock that is filled with Ammonite fossils, thus the name Ammonite Falls! The trailhead is very distinct and has a parking lot close to the start of the trail. From the Nanaimo Parkway (#19) head onto Jingle Pot Road. Follow that for a few kilometres and turn ...
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  • Denman Island, British Columbia

    Explore Fillongley Provincial Park

    1.6 mi / 60 ft gain
    Fillongley Park is located on Denman Island. To get there take the Denman Island Ferry from Buckley Bay, off Hwy #19A on central Vancouver Island. Take the Buckley Bay exit #101 from Hwy #19A. Once on the island, follow Denman Road to Swan Road. Turn left on Swan Road, then right on Beadnell Road...
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  • Comox, British Columbia

    Run at Goose Spit Regional Park

    For a mid week adventure that is closer to home, nothing beats a climb up the stairs at Goose Spit Regional Park. The Goose Spit stairs are a fantastic addition to the Comox Valley's urban playgrounds, beaches, trails and green spaces. There are 165 steps to the main lookout, with an additional 2...
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  • Comox-Strathcona C, British Columbia

    Hike Mount Becher

    Trail access begins at the end of Forbidden Plateau Road, at the site of the old abandoned ski lodge. It is an ugly place to begin a hike to such a beautiful summit, but do not let that deter you. Past the trash of forest parties, around the remnants of the old ski lodge and over the washed out r...
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