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Billy DiMirraExplorer

This is one of the coolest spots on independence pass. Its such a great spot to spend the day and relax.

This is a really great hike with incredible views of Pikes peak. If you're in the area be sure to check it out!

Took me a while to make it to the paint mines, but man is it worth it. Really cool hiking and lots to explore!

Really fun hike, good for a variety of experience levels. And the views, in front of you you have the Springs and behind Cheyenne canyon. Cant beat it!

Right outside buena vista, twin lakes is a really cool spot right before you get towards independence pass. Great camping not too cool at night. Not to mention the killer views during the sunsets and sunrises

For the distance of hike you can't beat the views. Right outside the city, easily accessible and killer views.

Its crazy what a difference winter makes. This place covered in snow is worth checking out for sure!

This trail is great for anyone, the rock formations are really incredible and being surrounded by the structures and some old architecture is a really cool thing.

Whether in the morning or at night this spot is worth getting or staying up for when the sun is just right.

Just as the top says, Really great drive especially if you go in the Fall when the sun is setting on this side of the mountain. The views of Pike and the changing colors are hard to beat.

If you're looking for a really challenging hike, that has great views, this is it. Once at the top you can see everything in the surrounding Manitou/Colorado springs area. A definite bucket list item.

The drive is incredible. It actually reminds me of Hawaii a little bit. And a great way to get down to big sur and see some iconic land marks.

If you don't have a 4 wheel drive vehicle they will make you prk at the top and walk down. Which is a pretty intense hike, especially on the way back up. But its got great views at the bottom and is totally worth the time.

It is a bit rigorous but this hike is so worth it. There's also a black sand beach at the the bottom which is really cool to check out!

Great hike if you're in the area and wanna get out. Pretty scenery and an easy hike.



This is a really fun hike it a beautiful part of Ohio, definitely check this out. The view from the top is pretty great too.

This is a pretty short, really fun hike. Try it out if you have time!

The Views from hawksbill are great. Mountains galore, and golden hour lasts for a while. A definite must if you are in the area and are looking for a place to watch the sun go down.

By far once of the most breath taking roads in the US. A must do for anyone visiting the park

I'm not gonna lie, rolling up to the dunes I was a little disappointed. From a distance it doesn't look like much. But once I got out into the park and onto the dunes it was incredible. Such a cool spot to check out

Such a cool piece of history to check out in Point Reyes. One of the first "Iconic" landmarks I ever saw. Just a great little adventure to do.

Great spot in the springs to check out. Tons of trails and endless areas to explore! A must see.

if you're driving the BRP this is a must see. The hike is pretty rough for being so short, but there are stairs which makes it easier. But the view from the top is just incredible!

This is a great spot to hit in the springs if you're not wanting a really intense hike but still get some great views.