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    Looking for the best photography in Schwaz? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Schwaz. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

    Top Photography Spots in and near Schwaz

    • Stans, Austria

      Hike the Wolfsklamm Canyon

      3.7 mi / 1148.3 ft gain
      The Wolfsklamm is a narrow and rocky canyon just outside the village of Stans in Tirol, just 20 minutes from the city of Innsbruck. There are a few free parking areas in the village with signposts to the start of the trail up the canyon. I've marked the one we used as the trailhead for this hike....
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    • Oberkrimml, Austria

      Hike to Krimml Waterfalls

      2.6 mi / 1414 ft gain
      The Krimml Waterfalls are situated in the Hohe Tauern National Park in the Salzburg region of Austria. At 380m high, they are the highest waterfalls not just of Austria, but in all of Europe. In the village of Krimml, near base of the waterfall you'll find a number of parking areas and the Wasser...
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    • Schwaz, Austria

      Hike to Olpererhütte in the Austrian Alps

      4 mi / 1969 ft gain
      Austria’s Zillertal Valley is a spectacular region of the Alps offering a plethora of hiking options. Locals as well as tourism hosts overwhelmingly recommended Olpererhütte! From Mayrhofen, a public transit bus delivers hikers directly to the trailhead. Mayrhofen is a great village to use as hom...
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    • Innsbruck, Austria

      Hike to the Summit of the Patschekofel in Innsbruck

      4.5 mi / 951.4 ft gain
      Take the Patscherkofelbahn cable car up to the top station to start this hike. From the top station of the lift you'll see a trail sign for the "Zirbenweg". For the first part of this hike you're going to follow this almost completely flat trail that hugs the side of the mountain.  Stay on this t...
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    • Innsbruck, Austria

      Hike Around Each Stop of the Nordkettenbahnen

      0.5 mi
      The Nordkettenbahnen starts in the town center area of Innsbruck and takes you first to Alpenzoo and then to an end stop. These first two stops are on a funicular. Once you get to the end of the funicular, you will then transfer to the actual bahn (lift) which will take you up to the Seegrube sto...
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    • Obernberg am Brenner, Austria

      Hike to the Lichtersee Lake

      8.6 mi / 2198.2 ft gain
      Park at the large car park (paid parking) for the main Obernberg lake, but instead of following the trail to the lake, take the road on the right towards Haus Waldbauer.  At the end of the paved road, a gravel road bends off to the right. Follow this gravel road as it leads you uphill and back al...
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    • Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

      Hike & Overnight Stay at the Innsbrucker Hütte

      13.7 mi / 4511.2 ft gain
      Because the Innsbrucker Hütte sits on a ridge between two valleys, it can be reached from two sides; from the Gschnitz Valley or from the Stubai Valley. We chose to take the slightly longer (but less steep) route from the Stubai side. We parked the car in the village of Neder at the gravel parkin...
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    • Axamer Lizum, Austria

      Hike up Hoadl at Axamer Lizum

      5 mi / 2739.5 ft gain
      If you are looking for somewhere to watch one of the best sunsets in Tirol, then Axamer Lizum might just be that place. Whilst this area is perhaps better known as being a ski resort in winter, it has some of the most picturesque hiking close to the city of Innsbruck, being at the foot of the Kal...
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    • Kitzbühel, Austria

      Hike from Kirchberg to Kitzbühel via Seidlalm-See

      6 mi / 2034.1 ft gain
      The trail begins in Klausen, near Restaurant Schwedenkapelle, with an uphill on gravel through the forest, with the stream to your left. The trail is shaded until you reach an open meadow, approximately 2km into your hike.  The trail is well marked with Austrian flags painted on rocks and trees, ...
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    • Grinzens, Austria

      Hike to Salfeins

      4.4 mi / 3211.9 ft gain
      The trail begins next to the Sportplatz in the village of Grinzens, just outside of Innsbruck. The trail begins as a gravel road, but within a few meters it splits. You can either take route 51 which follows the gravel road or route 52 which cuts through the forest. We chose to follow route 52 on...
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    • Mittenwald, Germany

      Hike Westliche Karwendelspitze

      8 mi / 6000 ft gain
      Starting at the base of the Karwendelbahn, follow signs under the roadway and up the hill. From there, follow the yellow signs to the Dammkarhütte. This portion of the hike is relatively easygoing, but the last little bit up to the hut involves quite a bit of shale, so be prepared to take your ti...
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    • Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

      Hike to the Franz Senn Hut

      2.2 mi / 1322.2 ft gain
      The hike from the Oberiss Alm mountain pastures to the Franz Senn Hut in the Stubai Valley in Tirol is a wonderful hike for the whole family. The hike starts from the Oberissalm, a remote farmhouse surrounded by alpine meadows. Here you'll find a paid parking area and working farmhouse serving f...
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    • Seefeld in Tirol, Austria

      Hike to the Brunschkopf

      Starting from the tennis hall in Seefeld, follow the path towards Mösern which goes across the meadows. When you get to Mösern you'll see trails for the Möserer See and the Möserer See Stube. For the hike to the Brunschkopf, you don't actually pass the lake. It's a short detour off the trail but ...
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    • Bayrischzell, Germany

      Hike the Wendelstein Panorama Trail

      6.5 mi / 3543.3 ft gain
      This adventure starts from the Munich Hbf. Catch an early morning 1.5 hour BoB ( Bayerische Oberlandbahn) train to Osterhofen (Oberbay.) Get on the train marked Tegernsee, but be careful, the train splits into 3 parts, so make sure you're on the car that goes to Osterhofen. It's usually the last ...
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    • Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

      Hike to the Suzlenau Hut in the Stubai Valley

      9.3 mi / 2168.6 ft gain
      The Sulzenau Hut is a popular destination for hikers in the Stubai Valley in Tirol. There are a few different routes to approach the hut, but for this adventure, we took the route that follows the WildWater Trail (WilderWasser Weg). We started this route from the Grawa Alm at the foot of the Graw...
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    • Neustift im Stubaital, Austria

      Stubai High Trail Section 4 - Hike from the Sulzenau Hut to the Dresdener Hut

      2.5 mi / 1640.4 ft gain
      We spent the night before this hike at the Sulzenau hut, and woke up early to watch the sunrise over the glacier, which I highly recommend. From the Sulzenau hut, follow the trail as it rises gradually up the valley floor towards the Sulzenau Ferner Glacier. On the route you'll follow a gushing s...
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