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0.25 Miles Round Trip - Out-and-Back Trail

Twin Falls Parking Area, AR - Search Nearby - Added by Parker Dodson

A short walk through the trees to a gorgeous triple-headed 50' waterfall.

Proceed to the Camp Orr Campground down near the banks of the Buffalo River. Once you reach the bottom of the hill you will cross a low water bridge over a small creek. Park in the small parking lot on the right hand side once you cross the creek. Once you park simply walk through the gated area across the road and follow the trail along the creek. This hike is only a few hundred yards until you come to the falls. There are three different waterfalls that all fall into the same pool below. Even though the name is Twin Falls, there are usually always three waterfalls that poor off the ledge. It gets its name because the fall that is farthest to the right usually only flows during high water. If you want more of an adventure you can proceed up to your right and hike to the top of the falls. Be very careful as the hill heading up to the top is very steep! Use caution once you reach the top of the falls as the rock along the top of the falls is very slick.

I recommend doing this waterfall after a good rain so that you can get the full experience of having all three falls going.


Dog Friendly


0.25 Miles
Out-and-Back Trail

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Make sure to go after a good rainfall to see all three of the waterfalls. Definitely worth it!