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Ariel Wilkinson

I did this trail in October of 2020. Even when iced over, the lakes were amazingly blue. Was an easy trail as there wasn't too much snow at this time and any snow was tracked over. Easy loop, all 5 lakes are amazing. Great for all experience levels

Came during the winter and the views were incredible! Mountain reflected right off the water on the lake. Would love to come back during the summer as I hear lots of activities on the lake and beaches but definitely a good sightseeing spot during the winter

Be prepared for lots of stairs to get down to the beach! Parking can kind of be difficult during the summer. This is also known as Vancouvers "nude beach" so don't recommend for families!

I didn't have the chance to run the sea wall but also a beautiful place to bike around! Great activity any time of the year. Lots of views all the way around

Prefer Lynn Valley over Capilano for its suspension bridge! Nice little loop walk, mostly all on boardwalks. Beautiful easy walk through the forest

One of my favourite temples at Angkor Wat!! Love all the faces, nice place to explore

Nice easy loop, great for families. Can be a little busy on the trail but overall beautiful place

Nice little walk from the State campground! Came here a couple times to try surfing! Love the beautiful beach here

Packed down trail, good for snowshoeing! Recommend spikes if you don't snowshoe. Come prepared for all seasons during the winter. Despite the lake being covered in snow, absolutely beautiful views!

Very easy trail but there wasn't much to look at. Nice trail if you're just needing to get outside!

One of my favourite hikes to this day! incredible views! Fairly steady incline but nothing too difficult. Recommend starting a little earlier as it gets a lot busier later in the day.

Quick walk to Tonquin beach, easy route on boardwalks/trail. Highly recommend doing the full Tonquin Trail where you will get multiple viewpoints of the beach and also can explore Third Beach a little further down the trail

Quick trail that is a little steep all the way to the lookout. Great for families, and great for all seasons. Trail packed down during the winter

Did this hike during the winter and was great conditions. Trail was packed down and made it easier getting through the snow. Would love to go again during the summer!

nice little switchbacks to get up and a nice little loop in the valley. lots of wild flowers at the right time of year! very family oriented hike

amazing hike, views and hot springs! Can get a bit windy once you're out of the trees but pretty easy hike up. Little bit of a small path/scramble once you're getting to the hot springs. Get there early as the hot springs can be pretty busy as its just one pool but people were good with rotating out and making sure everyone gets a turn!

Steep all the way to the top! Trail is easy to get lost on so once you're nearing the top, there will be a mark in the trail to tell you where to go. Left side of the mountain is the rock climbing side so be sure to stick to the right to be able to continue your hike. Not lots of tree coverage so be sure to pack sunscreen! Poles is highly recommended.