Hike to Falling Rock Falls

2 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Edward Day

Easy stroll through the woods leads to a 90 foot waterfall. A hidden gem on the outskirts of Birmingham.

The location of the pin leads you to a gravel road with a gated entrance. Park at the white gate and start to hike up the gravel road. The hike is not very strenuous and the waterfall is pretty easy to find. As you hike up the road for a little while the road will fork. Go left at the fork and continue on and take the next right onto another gravel road. After probably 100 yards or so you will see a small dirt trail. Follow this trail and it will take you to the top of the falls.

For getting down to the bottom of the falls, walk across the stream at the top of the falls and walk along the trail. There are several offshoots that lead down to the bottom of the falls. The trails can be fairly steep so use your best judgement when picking one to go down. Can be relatively dangerous going down a few of these trails, but nothing too difficult.

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Neat place

The trail is a bit rough so make sure to wear good shoes. The veiw from the top is cool but the bottom is the real treat on this waterfall. Not overly loud and if allowed it would make for an amazingly peaceful camping spot with the right gear and bedding. Be careful climbing down as the climb is steep and somewhat difficult.


almost 3 years ago

Not Much Of A Hike But Two Great Falls

First of all, did everyone else just miss the second water fall or just forget to tell us about it?! If you follow the creek away from the bottom of the falls it meets another small creek with a second waterfall about the same size as the first. Itā€™s maybe 100 yards to the second one. It was a nice surprise when I walked up on it while walking around the area. Now Iā€™ll review the hike though. This isnā€™t as much of a hike as it is a gravel road walk. It does look a little sketchy (the Iā€™m not supposed to be here sketchy, not the I might die sketchy) when you park, but it is Wildlife Management Land so it is perfectly okay to be there. I think it is worth the trip just to see the falls but be prepared to scratch and claw your way back up the mountain from the bottom though. It is not recommended to take anyone that canā€™t pull themselves back up.

Nice Hike, Shady Location

None of the reviews prepare you for the ominous signs at the gate, the amounts of trees that are bulldozed, or the random running oil pump. At first I felt very unwelcome and a bit frightened to be honest, but once you enter the small dirt trail into the woods it feels more like a hike and less like trespassing. The water fall wasnā€™t huge but it was there. The final destination was lovely; we sat down next to the creek and had a snack and enjoyed the view. I would definitely go again but I would warn future hikers of the creepy vibes you may get on the way.

Great Hike

Had a great time hiking this trail system.

Beautiful Falls

The approach is a bit awkward. It's more gravel road than forest trail. There's nothing nice about the trail. But, for our kids (13, 11, 9, 4 and 2), the falls we're worth the walk. Shallow cascades up top were fun to walk around in and cool off. The lower pool and the really cool shelf under neath the falls was awesome. Unfortunately, there was a good bit of trash left behind by other hikers. Hope to pack some of that out if we go back again soon. Overall, a fun outdoor excursion for a Birmingham family in the mood for some fun in the great outdoors together.

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