SCUBA Dive at Blue Water Quarry

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Blue Water Park draws in visitors from far reaches of the country with their amazingly clear and comfortable waters, large marine life population and tons of amazing underwater attractions. offering kayaking and paddle boarding the SCUBA diving is the main attraction.

Blue water park is a popular diving location tucked away off a main highway in a central Alabama town named Pelham. The quarry attracts many students and instructors to the three 20 foot training platforms and three training pools containing 4 and 10 foot platforms. Upon arrival to Blue Water Park you'll notice its located in a very unassuming industrial park hinting at its existence with a large divers flag 1/8 of a mile outside the gate. As you pull into the front gate you're greeted with a well paved parking lot, shaded dive prep tables, and a beautiful dive center where you will go to fill out a release form, pay admission, show your certification and rent any gear you may need that day. Head over to one of the changing rooms to put on your wetsuit and set up your dive gear on one of the tables conveniently located atop the path down to the water. The dive shop at Blue Water Park has everything a diver could possibly need to rent for the day as well as air/nitrox fill stations and gear repair. I can promise you, if you need it, they have it. Once you are geared up and ready to take a dip in the quarries beautiful blue water head down the hill on a nicely paved walk way to the main dive platform, I recommend entering here as you are greeted with tons of fish, mostly bream, bass, and catfish. You will step down the stairs onto the first platform at 4 feet, put on your fins, adjust your weights and don your mask. proceed to the ten foot platform where you can then swim beneath the dock and into the quarry. You will see the last and deepest platform beneath you at 20 foot, i recommend stoping here to make sure all is well before proceeding out to one of the many underwater attractions many of which sitting at or above a comfortable 30 foot depth. During the mid to late summer months surface temperatures reach 86 degrees but stay a brisk 52 degrees around 100 feet. While visibility can change with the weather it can be as good as 100 feet and often is. The deepest parts of the quarry drop to about 140 feet for the deeper dives but the last of the attractions are at about 90 feet. for those of you with more interest in the marine life you will thoroughly enjoy the population of bass, sunfish, catfish, bream, bluegill, Japanese koi, carp and turtles. only the luckiest visitors of blue water will get to see the fresh water jellyfish and elusive, legendary freshwater dolphin (you'll see what I'm talking about). once done with your dive the facility offers a few nice lounge areas to wind down before you head home from a great day diving at Blue Water Park 

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5 months ago

Beautiful water and a massive quarry!

The water here was so pretty, and there are a lot of sunken wrecks to see that will keep you entertained for many visits. It can get cold though below 40-50 feet, so bring a thick wetsuit or a drysuit.

Cool Place

$90 was kinda expensive but it's a cool place with a lot to do.

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