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The Best Camping in Cleburne

Looking for the best camping in Cleburne? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Cleburne. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top camping spots in and near Cleburne

  • Cleburne, Texas

    Hike Fossil Ridge Loop Trail

    4.1 mi / 344 ft gain
    Fossil Ridge Loop Trail is a 3.7 mile loop hike that takes you by a lake located near Cleburne, TX.
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  • Cleburne, Texas

    Hike Cleburne State Park Full Loop

    10.3 mi / 980 ft gain
    Cleburne Perimeter Loop is a 10.3 mile loop hike that takes you by a lake located near Nemo, TX.
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  • Glen Rose, Texas

    Camp at Dinosaur Valley State Park

    3 mi
    Starting at the Cedar Brake Outer Loop trailhead, leave your car and toss your pack on your back. You'll walk along some pretty single track-style paths and depending on what season you've chosen, you might be treated to some lovely Texas wildflowers. You'll come to a river crossing and get to co...
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  • Glen Rose, Texas

    Paluxy River Trail

    3.89 mi / 502 ft gain
    Paluxy River Trail is an out-and-back hike that follows along the Paluxy River in Dinosaur Valley State Park located near Glen Rose, TX. This trail is relatively flat, making for a good hike for the family especially since it's an out-and-back and you can turnaround early if needed.  This trail ...
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  • Cedar Hill, Texas

    Hike Dorba Trail Loop

    5 mi / 262 ft gain
    Dorba Trail Loop is a 7.9 mile loop hike that takes you by a lake located near Cedar Hill, TX.
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  • Whitney, Texas

    Hike Post Oak Shelter Loop

    3.2 mi / 88 ft gain
    Post Oak Shelter Loop is a 3.2 mile loop hike that takes you by a river located near Whitney, TX.
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  • Hubbard, Texas

    Stargaze at Hubbard City Lakes Park

    Hubbard City Lakes Park is located about two miles south of the town center of Hubbard off of Highway 31. If you're heading south on 31 you'll make a right on to Country Road 3360 (and if you're heading north you'll make a left). It will be a dirt road, but I took my VW wagon on it so most cars ...
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  • Mineral Wells, Texas

    Rock Climb at Lake Mineral Wells State Park

    Lake Mineral Wells State Park is located about an hour West of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Highway driving gets you all the way to the park's entrance just minutes before entering the town of Mineral Wells. Entrance Fee and Climber Registration is required at the guard shack. Climbing topo...
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