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South Dakota

Looking for the best fitness in South Dakota? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around South Dakota. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

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Top Fitness Spots in and near South Dakota

  • Vale, South Dakota

    Hike the Sacred Steps of Bear Mountain

    3.5 mi / 1200 ft gain
    Bear Mountain or Mathó Pahá as it's called by the Lakota peoples, is the leftover remnants of an ancient volcanic plug. The mountain weathered away, to leave the harder igneous formation, for which plains tribes have been coming to for sacred communication with their Creator for 10,000 years. Thi...
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  • Interior, South Dakota

    Cliff Shelf Nature Trail

    0.62 mi / 43 ft gain
    About 4 miles south of the Northeast Park Entrance, just past the Castle Trailhead, is the Cliff Shelf Nature Trailhead. It sits on the outside of the cliff formation facing open space just through Cedar Pass. There is a parking lot here typically filled with people soaking in the panoramic views...
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  • Rapid City, South Dakota

    Hike to Falling Rock Overlook

    0.5 mi / 50 ft gain
    The beautiful hike is a tremendous spot to get out of town and enjoy the scenery and a great view of Rapid Creek down in the canyon below.  Parking is right off Falling Rock Rd. then the trail is a very well marked path through the trees, easy to follow, and leads you right to the edge of limesto...
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  • Custer, South Dakota

    Hike the Custer Skywalk to Big Rock Observation Point

    0.6 mi / 370 ft gain
    Park on the South end of 6th Street at Harbach Park in Custer, just 2 blocks off Main Street. The entrance to the trail is marked by an archway and a "Custer Skywalk" sign. The path is a dirt/small gravel trail that has stairs built into the hillside. To get to the first observation point it is a...
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  • Custer, South Dakota

    Hike through Hell Canyon

    5.3 mi
    The Trailhead lies down in the canyon bottom, just one mile west of Jewel Cave National Monument and 13 miles west of Custer. Upon arrival, you are greeted by the parking lot, which is right off the highway and boasts a spacious gravel lot to park in. Since the trail is a loop, you can go either ...
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  • Rapid City, South Dakota

    Hike to the Stratobowl Rim

    2 mi / 100 ft gain
    The winding trail to the Stratobowl is a gradual and easy hike, which is perfect for the whole family or for a quick excursion if you don't have a lot of time. It is roughly a mile to the Rim overlook, where there is a plaque commemorating the November 11th, 1935 balloon flight that launched 72,3...
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  • Lead, South Dakota

    Hike to Mt. Roosevelt Tower

    0.8 mi / 160 ft gain
    To get to the trailhead for Mt. Roosevelt, you will need to travel about a mile north of Deadwood, on HWY 85, then you will see signs for it near the Lodge of Deadwood, from there you will eventually hit a gravel road and it is about 2.5 miles from the highway. The trailhead has picnic tables, an...
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  • Deadwood, South Dakota

    Bike the George S. Mickelson Trail

    108.8 mi / 2300 ft gain
    Biking the George S. Mickelson Trail is a very popular activity for many people in the Black Hills, locals, visitors, and tourists all enjoy the Mickelson Trail.  Not only can you bike, but you can run, walk, or even ride horses, and you most definitely do not have to do the entire length of the ...
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  • Keystone, South Dakota

    Hike Iron Creek Trail #15

    2.4 mi / 200 ft gain
    The trail is accessible from 2 different spots, both give you the opportunity for a scenic drive to get there. The approach from the Northeast side is on Iron Mountain road a beautiful scenic Black Hills highway, and you will be very near Lakota Lake.  The Southwest trail head is a more rugged dr...
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  • Rapid City, South Dakota

    Hike the Deerfield Lake Trail to Slate Creek Convergence

    5 mi / 60 ft gain
    The Deerfield Lake trail is overall 23 miles long, but this post is just about the section of the trail that starts at Silver City where Rapid Creek flows into Pactola Reservoir, and follows the creek upstream to where Slate Creek converges, about 2.5 miles from the trailhead. You could follow th...
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  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Photograph the Falls at Falls Park

    Falls Park in Sioux Falls is one of the most popular attractions in the area, and for good reason. It is a beautiful park in the heart of the city, spanning 123 acres and consisting of waterfalls, trails, a lookout, and a café.  Paved sidewalk trails run all around the falls and offer great looko...
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  • Dell Rapids, South Dakota

    Walk the Sioux River Red Rock Trail

    2.6 mi / 49 ft gain
    The Sioux River Red Rock Trail is located in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. It is a 2.6 mile paved out and back trail that runs along the Sioux River. This trail offers great views of the river, red rock formations, and even a waterfall. It is great for all skill levels, and dogs are allowed on leash...
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  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    Hike Great Bear Valley Trail

    1 mi / 68 ft gain
    Great Bear Ski Valley is a ski area in Sioux Falls that also has wooded trails that run throughout the property. The trails are free to hike and offer a secluded, private place to get outside and away from the city.  In the winter, the trails can be used to cross country ski as well. We found thi...
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  • Vermillion, South Dakota

    Hike the Clay County Park Nature Trail

    2.1 mi / 68 ft gain
    Clay County Park Nature Trail is located in Vermillion, South Dakota and includes a 2.1 mile loop hike that runs along the river. At the trailhead, you will find a lookout and picnic area, along with public bathrooms. The trail itself winds through prairie grasses and forests, and at times goes r...
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  • Vermillion, South Dakota

    Hike to Spirit Mound

    1.4 mi / 114 ft gain
    Spirit Mound Historic Prairie is located outside Vermillion, South Dakota and consists of a 1.4 mile hike up to the top of a prairie mound. Lewis and Clark made the trek years ago, making it a historical marker to visit and see. Beautiful wildflowers line the trail, mixed in with acres of prairie...
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  • Harrisburg, South Dakota

    Paddle at Lake Alvin

    Lake Alvin is a beautiful lake outside Sioux Falls that is surrounded by pines and prairies. Its proximity outside the city means it is very quiet and very calm. The water is perfect for kayaking or canoeing, and there are multiple trails leading to shore to carry them in easily.   The park itsel...
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