Dublin, Ohio

Looking for the best photography in Dublin? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Dublin. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Photography Spots in and near Dublin

  • Cedarville, Ohio

    Hike to Cedar Cliff Falls

    2.6 mi / 250 ft gain
    Starting from the Indian Mound Reserve parking lot, follow the private drive back until the signs indicate to follow the trail through the woods to the right, about 1/4 mile. Make sure you stay right of the painted yellow line on the road, trespassers on the private land surrounding the park are ...
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  • Cedarville, Ohio

    Hike the Gorge Trail at Indian Mounds

    Cedarville, Ohio is known for its expansive farmland, but in the Indian Mounds Park you'll find several unique features, such as the cavern located on the Gorge Trail!  This cave is formed out of the side of a cliff and is perfect for easy exploration and climbing. When the water is low enough yo...
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  • Yellow Springs, Ohio

    Glen Helen Nature Preserve Loop

    2.77 mi / 367 ft gain
    Glen Helen is located just next to downtown Yellow Springs, a small but well-known town popular for its eclectic and artistic community. This preserve was set to close permanently in 2020 due to lack of funding, but the former owner Antioch College sold the preserve to the Glen Helen Association ...
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  • Rockbridge, Ohio

    Hike the Cantwell Cliffs Loop

    1 mi / 100 ft gain
    Cantwell Cliffs is one of the more northern units of the overall Hocking Hills State Park Region. Located off of OH SR 374, a short 0.1 spur trail takes you from the parking lot to the rim of the gorge and the area's namesake cliffs. From there, you have two choices: Turn left and descend through...
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  • Logan, Ohio

    Corkscrew Falls

    1 mi / 35 ft gain
    I like to describe this waterfall as the "elusive" Corkscrew Falls (aka Robinson Falls). A couple of years ago, only one or two people had blogged on the internet about these falls. They were not super, descriptive details, so most of the time I wandered around till I found the trail. There is no...
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  • Howard, Ohio

    Photograph Honey Run Waterfall

    Getting to Honey Run Falls is incredibly easy! There are two parking lots for the park, one on the west side of the road for the Honey Run Highlands, and one on the east side of the road in the forest for the falls. From the forest parking lot, follow the trail south for roughly 500 ft until you ...
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  • Chillicothe, Ohio

    Hike the Shawnee Ridge Trail

    10 mi
    Starting at the northern parking lot, head south along the Shawnee Ridge Trail. Several spur and loop trails intersect the trail along the 10 mile out-and-back hike. Many of these spur trails include difficult hikes up large hills like Sugarloaf Mountain, Sand Hill, and Mt. Ives. At each trail in...
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  • Laurelville, Ohio

    Explore the Rock House

    0.5 mi / 150 ft gain
    From the Rock House parking lot, follow the trail for 0.1 mile down the hill until you come to a fork in the trail, at which point follow the yellow marked Lower Rim Trail that continues downhill through a set of carved sandstone steps and then turns to parallel the cliffs. From there, it's less ...
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