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An hour northeast of Columbus, the 25 foot tall Honey Run Waterfall is a favorite destination for local photographers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

Getting to Honey Run Falls is incredibly easy! There are two parking lots for the park, one on the west side of the road for the Honey Run Highlands, and one on the east side of the road in the forest for the falls. From the forest parking lot, follow the trail south for roughly 500 ft until you reach the base of the waterfall. On most days, you'll hear the falls from the parking lot, its that close.

Outside of peak season in the spring, the falls tend to have a relatively low output, so catching them after a major rainfall event is the best time to get them at their most majestic during the offseason. Regardless, its an impressive sight, and one of the few public waterfalls in the Central Ohio region.


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This was a fun day trip hike, but the waterfall is almost at the trailhead and there is not much of a hike involved.