Hike to the Elusive Corkscrew Falls

1 miles 35 ft gain  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Katie Yarborough

Want to venture out to one of the most beautiful waterfalls that looks like it came right out of the movie "Lord of the Rings?" Here's your directions to it.

I like to describe this waterfall as the "elusive" corkscrew falls. A couple years ago, only one or two people had blogged on the internet about these falls. They were not super, descriptive details, so most of the time I wondered around till I found the trail. There is no big official park sign that says the trail starts here.

Here are the best directions on how to hike to the coolest falls in Ohio... YOU'RE WELCOME!

Begin your quest by first getting your required permit here. Once you've acquired your permit, you can happily be on your merry way.

Put in your gps Zwinkle Rd. Yes, I spelled it correctly. It is at the EXACT intersection of Route 664 and Zwinkle Rd. At the intersection, there is a small paved shoulder you can park on. It isn't really a parking lot, but it is big enough for two or three cars to awkwardly park on off the shoulder of the road. There is a guard rail on the side of the Route 664 road directly in front of where you would turn onto Zwinkle Rd. The trail starts behind the guard rail on the right side of the road. There is a small sign behind the guard rail that says "This is Ohio Dept of Natural Preserves property. You must have a permit to be on this land."  It is placed at the beginning of the trail. The trail, a small footpath, then slopes down in the forest to the right. Once you slop to the right, you are walking down the creek on the right side against a rock wall the whole time. There isn't any way to walk in the wrong direction, unless you cross the creek. The rock wall prevents you from walking anywhere but forward on the right side. The forest isn't dense, so it's almost like a clearing next to the creek. You will dead end at the falls. There is about some knee-deep water in soft mud that you will likely be walking in to get to see this view for a nice photo. Wear some good water shoes or go barefoot, like I did. 

This hasn't been publicized for people to know about in the past, so the Ohio Natural Reserve Dept haven't made distinct signs or paths yet to the waterfall letting you know where you are going or a distinct trail name sign besides the needing a permit sign. That shouldn't stop you know that you have these directions.

Have fun! 

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over 1 year ago


a very short walk. mildly would call it a mile there and back, if that. also now the dnr has placed trail markers and do not allow you to stray from it. this gives you a small view of the falls that are very pretty but it’s difficult to get a photo like the ones you see here.

don't forget

The pictures are beautiful, you're not actually allowed to go in the water though.


It might have gotten a little cleaned up. I went with garbage bags for the trash and didn’t see any right around the falls. It’s a nice little detour when you are going for a longer hike. There is a lot of trash throughout the nature preserve on the whole. I don’t get people. Throw trash in your yard keep it out of my sanctuary.


Don't go.

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