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0.5 Miles Round Trip - 150 ft gain - Loop Trail

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Another outstanding unit of Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park, Rock House is a recessed natural tunnel nearly 200 feet long with a 40 foot ceiling, the largest geologic feature of its kind in Ohio.

From the Rock House parking lot, follow the trail for 0.1 mile down the hill until you come to a fork in the trail, at which point follow the yellow marked Lower Rim Trail that continues downhill through a set of carved sandstone steps and then turns to parallel the cliffs. From there, it's less than a 0.1 mile to the entrance of Rock House.

Once inside Rock House, be certain to note just how huge it is on the inside! By far Ohio's largest natural arch in terms of area, its also the only natural arch in Ohio to have "windows" eroded into the cliffside of it. 

For as short of a hike as it is, Rock House is definitely an awesome addition to any visit to the Hocking Hills.


Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Picnic Area


0.5 Miles
150 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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I've visited several times. Fall is always he best time to go and he weather is usually great.