Top Spots

Claudius Smith's Den

Tuxedo Park, New York

6.01 mi / 1063 ft gain

Triangle, White Bar, and Nurian Trail

Tuxedo Park, New York

9.74 mi / 1772 ft gain

Ramapo Dunderberg and Tom Jones Shelter

Tuxedo Park, New York

8.82 mi / 1496 ft gain

Tuxedo Park to Stone Bridge

Tuxedo Park, New York

21.57 mi / 3691 ft gain

Parker Cabin Mountain Loop Trail

Tuxedo Park, New York

9.98 mi / 1775 ft gain

Tuxedo-Mount Ivy to Triangle Loop

Tuxedo Park, New York

7.26 mi / 1348 ft gain

Lake Skenonto

Tuxedo Park, New York

8.12 mi / 1243 ft gain

Claudius Smith Den Short Loop

Tuxedo Park, New York

6.06 mi / 994 ft gain

Backpack Harriman State Park

Tuxedo Park, New York

18 mi / 1200 ft gain

Places to stay

Tomkins Cove, New York

Bear Mountain Inn

From $109 / night

Goshen, New York

Tranquil Farm

From $100 / night

Downing Wood

From $165 / night

Westtown, New York

Camp Coal Tree

From $175 / night

Walden, New York

Country House Field with Pond

From $999 / night

Camp Lake Grinnell

From $150 / night

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