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Anthony's Nose via Appalachian Trail

Philipstown, New York

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1.95 miles

Elevation Gain

682 ft

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Added by Shaun O'Neill

Hike a stretch of the Appalachian Trail with panoramic views of the Hudson River and Bear Mountain. 

Parking for the trail runs along both sides of 9D right up until the Bear Mountain Bridge. It can be busy on the weekends so just make sure you're as far off the road as you can and be especially careful unloading kids and dogs. The trailhead is located at approximately 41.322571, -73.975949 and has an information board, though it's hit or miss if there is a stack of maps so best to be prepared and bring your own.

The white trail takes you half a mile up a series of stone stair cases and represents almost all of the elevation gain you'll make on the hike. If while climbing these stairs you suddenly feel the urge to keep hiking for hours, days, even weeks fear not, you're not going through dehydration delusions. You're just making your way on the Appalachian Trail, one of the most famous in the US, and sharing it with people who start their trek in Georgia and end months later in Maine. If you happen to come across one of them, pick their brain and take in their stories because they're going to be fantastic.

After the stairs the white trail will intersect with the blue, on which you'll take a right. The trail is well marked but it's unnecessary, it is the size of a service road and quite well worn. There will be plenty of little foot paths that shoot off to the right towards daylight through the trees that you're welcome to explore, but none of them compare to the outlook you'll hit at almost exactly one mile. The path will open through the trees to open rock face, offering plenty of seating set up like nature's bleachers over ridiculous views north and south of the Hudson River, down on the Bear Mountain Bridge, and across to Bear Mountain and Popolopen Torne. Keep an eye on children or dogs because it can be steep if you head down too far, but for the hike itself should be no problem for the whole family!

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Anthony's Nose via Appalachian Trail Reviews

I love the hike to Anthony's Nose in Bear Mountain State Park, NY. I've done it several times before and will continue to go back when the weather is warm. The beginning part is definitely a workout, but the views at the top are stunning. I love doing this hike with family and friends.

So I didn’t start where ur supposed to. I started right off the bridge along the fence going up. It was extremely steep and for me it was scary. I’m a 250 pound woman with limited skills. I’m fit but large. The entire way up we kept hoping this was not the way we needed to go back down. (We kept following blue markers) It wouldnt be possible. It was just over 1/2 mile when we got to Anthony’s nose. We followed the rest of the blue markers and it was as described, easy as pie. We happened to find a hiker along the way coming against us and we asked him how much further till we’re out. He said we needed to turn left to get to the road so we did, following white markers down what you could describe as steps. We didn’t really need markers. There was no way to get lost. Overall it was fine, just wish the beginning would’ve been marked clearly.

A little tough when it has been raining as the stairs can be slippery. Be aware that if you’re going there by train that the Manitou station isn’t always stopped at and you need to walk along the highway for a while to reach the trail head.

Ascend was a little challenging but the view is so worth it! You start off on the white trail and then must continue on the blue in order to reach the top. Made the mistake of sticking with the white trail the whole time my first time hiking it and it wraps around the mountain in a circle so I never saw the view the first time!

It was a great day hike if you have a few hours to kill. Short hike with a beautiful view.

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