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The Best Rock Climbing in New York

Looking for the best rock climbing in New York? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around New York. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top rock climbing spots in and near New York

  • Cold Spring, New York

    Sugarloaf Mountain and Breakneck Ridge Loop

    4.33 mi / 1562 ft gain
    The Breakneck Ridge to Sugar Loaf Loop gives rise to various bypasses that offer hikers moderate to advanced terrain and multiple rock scrambles. The loop entails a total elevation gain of 1,670 feet and a total distance of 5.5 miles. The start of the trail begins at the (white blazes) at the no...
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  • Gardiner, New York

    Gertrude's Nose

    6.97 mi / 919 ft gain
    It would be impossible to see all of Minnewaska’s beautiful spots in one day. Gertrude's Nose is, in my opinion, the best view in the entire park. Round trip, the hike is approximately 5 hours, and is a 7.5 mile trip. To get to the trailhead: Drive to the Minnewaska State Park entrance, pass the...
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  • High Falls, New York

    Scramble Bonticou Crag and Table Rocks

    This is not a hike for the inexperienced. There is a very steep rock scramble that has some dangerous section if you are not aware of your footing and positioning. For those up to the challenge, it is extremely rewarding at the top.To start, each person has to pay $12 to access the Monhonk Preser...
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  • Brooklyn, New York

    Climb Outdoors at DUMBO Boulders

    Enter at the corner of Adams St. and John St. and see the Manhattan Bridge above you. To your left is the new DUMBO Boulders, the largest outdoor rock gym in North America: at least for now.At only $9 for a day pass, includes the price of rental shoes, it's a steal compared to any gym in the cit...
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  • Lake Placid, New York

    Hike Mt. Colden via the Trap Dike

    14.5 mi / 2700 ft gain
    In the summer, consider this hike for sunset, because what better way to hike one of the most beautiful trails in the Adirondack Mountains than by summiting at sunset and hiking back to your car under the stars? If you've rock climbed before or are simply comfortable with heights and high exposur...
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  • Essex, New York

    Deep Water Solo at The Palisades on Lake Champlain

    Free soloing gets a lot of hype in the climbing world. No surprise, you're putting your life at risk basically. But, as climbers haven't you wanted to experience free soloing? You can, and you can take away some of the risk/death aspects of it by deep water soloing. This rare form of climbing can...
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  • Gardiner, New York

    Hike the Overcliff - Undercliff Road Loop

    5.3 mi / 350 ft gain
    From the West Trapps parking lot ($15 for hikers), walk to the end of the parking lot and past a large kiosk.  The trail connects the parking lot to the Overcliff Road/Undercliff Road junction.  The loop can be done in either direction.  I turned left on the Overcliff Road.  This takes you behind...
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  • Keene, New York

    Rock Climb Owl's Head Mountain

    Owls Head Mountain is a hot spot when it comes to hiking. For climbers, it's a great crag to hone in your skills and practice moving fluidly. The height of the wall is on the smaller side, I'd say somewhere around 50-55 feet. The view and rock quality, however, that is the real draw.  Once you've...
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  • Wilmington, New York

    Rock Climb at Notch Mountain in the Adirondacks

    Park at the Moss Cliff Parking area on Route 86 and cross the road to the trailhead for Copperas Pond. Make a short but steep approach to Notch Mountain Slabs, taking a left when the trail appears to split. The immediate face has four single pitch climbs, but skirting the face to the left brings ...
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  • Ausable Chasm, New York

    Ausable Chasm

    1.84 mi / 210 ft gain
    Ausable Chasm is a loop trail that takes you past scenic surroundings located near Peru, New York.
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  • Lake Placid, New York

    Cascade Mountain and Porter Mountain via Cascade Mountain Trail

    5.65 mi / 2096 ft gain
    Cascade Mountain and Porter Mountain via Cascade Mountain Trail is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a river located near Keene, New York.
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  • Keene, New York

    Baxter Mountain

    2.34 mi / 738 ft gain
    Baxter Mountain is an out-and-back trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Keene, New York.
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  • Naples, New York

    Tannery Creek Falls (4 falls)

    0.81 mi / 243 ft gain
    Tannery Creek Falls (4 falls) is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Naples, New York.
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  • Keene Valley, New York

    Climb Chapel Pond Slab

    Chapel Pond area is mostly known for its ice climbing on the other side of the pond, but some easier, but runout slab climbing can be had on the eastern side.  There is ample parking on both sides of the road in the form of pull offs and the walk to the base of the climbing is only a few hundred ...
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  • North Hudson, New York

    Dix Range

    14.74 mi / 4301 ft gain
    Dix Range is a loop trail that takes you by a river located near North Hudson, New York.
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  • Indian Lake, New York

    Chimney Mountain Trail

    2.5 mi / 978 ft gain
    Chimney Mountain Trail is an out-and-back trail that provides a good opportunity to view wildlife located near North River, New York.
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