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  • Calvert City
  • Calvert City, Kentucky

    Top Spots in and near Calvert City

    • Ozark, Illinois

      Explore Camp Ondessonk

      10 mi
      In the heart of the Shawnee National Forest is an amazing camp that provides many adventures for those with all skill levels. When camp is out, anyone is allowed to visit Camp Ondessonk as a guest and explore. There are over 10 miles of trails through pristine forests,  sandstone canyons, and sev...
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    • Junction, Illinois

      Paddle or Swim at Pounds Hollow Recreation Area

      This 25 acre lake within the Shawnee National Forest was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. There are several large picnic areas and shelters available along with a sand beach and swimming area.  The hollow is surrounded by sandstone bluffs and sharp cliffs and provides an excellent day pa...
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    • Wickliffe, Kentucky

      Explore Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site

      0.4 mi / 13 ft gain
      A Native American village once occupied the site of Wickliffe Mounds, about A.D. 1100 to 1350. Here, the Mississippian culture built earthen mounds and permanent houses around a central plaza overlooking the Mississippi River.  Visitors follow a self guided trail system to view the Ceremonial, Ch...
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    • Cypress, Illinois

      Hike the Egret Slough Trail

      0.5 mi / 12 ft gain
      For a great introduction to the Cache River Basin of Southern Illinois make your way to the Barkhausen Cache River Wetlands Center. Here you will find a spur trail to the Tunnel Hill Bicycle Trail, information and exhibits, and ranger information about area trails and paddle put in's. Just outsid...
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    • Dover, Tennessee

      Piney Campground

      1.91 mi / 148 ft gain
      Piney Campground is a loop trail where you may see beautiful wildflowers located near Dover, Tennessee.
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    • Arlington, Kentucky

      Explore Columbus-Belmont State Park

      2 mi / 134 ft gain
      Columbus-Belmont State Park is a stop along the Great River Road National Scenic Byway that combines pivotal Civil War history with dramatic cliffs overlooking the Mississippi River. The park is also a stop along the Trail of Tears National Historical Trail and the Civil War Heritage Trail.  The ...
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    • Dover, Tennessee

      Hike the Fort Donelson Battlefield Loop Trail

      3.4 mi / 465 ft gain
      On this relativity easy trail, you will travel along the hand made trenches dug by Confederate Soldiers that protected Fort Donelson and the lower Cumberland River. Then you will pass a monument for the veterans who fought a bloody battle here. Afterwards, the trail will head towards the shorelin...
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    • Goreville, Illinois

      Hike the Round Bluff Nature Preserve

      1.25 mi / 185 ft gain
      Just south of the Lakeview Picnic Shelter is the 53-acre Round Bluff Nature Preserve. Round Bluff has been designated a nature preserve which means that you are only allowed to hike on maintained trails. This is an isolated area of the massive sandstones that form the canyons of Ferne Clyffe Stat...
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    • Goreville, Illinois

      Camp at Ferne Clyffe State Park

      Ferne Clyffe has a campground for everyone. From the more modern, or primitive, larger groups, backpackers and even equestrian campers. From beginner to hardened veteran eagle scout, there is a campsite for everyone. The shower facilities that are offered at some campgrounds are available seasona...
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    • Goreville, Illinois

      Hike Big Rocky Hollow Trail

      0.5 mi / 63 ft gain
      A great short hike in Ferne Clyffe State Park with a big payoff that is nearly wheel chair accessible with compact crushed gravel as a path. The trail leads to a 100-foot tall intermittent waterfall. The trail is lined with huge boulders, meandering stream, and progressively narrowing canyon beco...
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    • Goreville, Illinois

      Hike or Rock Climb the Rebman Trail

      0.5 mi / 27 ft gain
      The Big Rocky Hollow Trail isn't the only trail that starts at the parking area. Cross the stepping stones over the creek to find a place where the trail forks in three. Look for the sign for the Rebman Trail at the right-most fork. This short walk leads to a small canyon punctuated by a pair of ...
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    • Goreville, Illinois

      Hike to Hawk's Cave

      0.75 mi / 56 ft gain
      One of the top trails within Fern Clyffe State Park, Hawk's Cave is an impressive 150 foot sandstone shelter bluff. When beginning the trail from the parking lot, there is a fork of three separate trail heads. Take the path to the left and follow the loop up to a rock wall of shelters, honeycomb ...
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