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  • Calvert City
  • Calvert City, Kentucky

    Top Spots in and near Calvert City

    • Eddyville, Illinois

      Paddle Lusk Creek Wilderness

      For a full day on Lusk Creek, put in at Iron Bridge and paddle 7.1 miles of Shawnee National Forest beauty. This 8 hour excursion is sure to delight the senses as you pass through some of the most pristine areas in Illinois. Lusk Creek is a remote, pristine stream that provides some of the best c...
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    • Dover, Tennessee

      Explore the 1850's Homeplace of Land Between the Lakes

      0.75 mi / 11 ft gain
      The Homeplace 1850s Working Farm and Living History Museum is an interactive museum of a mid-19th-century two-generation farm. It is a working farm, which means the employees and volunteers work the farm much the way it was worked back in time. The farm includes restored buildings, livestock, fie...
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    • Pope County, Illinois

      Hike to Indian Kitchen

      4.8 mi / 192 ft gain
      Designated a national natural landmark in 1980, Lusk Creek Canyon is the name of a 906-acre canyon located within the Lusk Creek Wilderness Area of the Shawnee National Forest in Pope County, Illinois. The Lusk Creek Canyon Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark features an outstanding sce...
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    • Simpson, Illinois

      Hike Millstone Bluff in the Shawnee National Forest

      1 mi / 193 ft gain
      Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this mile loop trail leads you along a bluff line to the ruins of a historic village of Woodland and Mississippian Native Americans.   Mississippian Natives established a village here between 1000 and 500 years ago. The older Woodland Indians bu...
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    • Simpson, Illinois

      Hike to Sand Cave

      1.2 mi / 32 ft gain
      Shawnee National Forest played a crucial role in the Underground Railroad in the mid-19th century. As slaves escaped and headed north, the dense forest and rugged terrain offered natural hiding places. On the route through Pope County, Illinois, freedom seekers often used Sand Cave for shelter an...
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    • Simpson, Illinois

      Paddle Millstone Lake

      Enjoy the seclusion of this 118-acre lake. After a few miles of unimproved rough road, you will arrive at the spill way of Millstone Lake. The remoteness alone is worth the trip. Kayak, Canoe, or SUP the lake and even extend it up a couple of miles into Bay Creek. Fishing is also enjoyed on the l...
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    • Ozark, Illinois

      Hike Bell Smiths Springs

      1.5 mi / 164 ft gain
      Four separate trails make up the 8 miles of available hikes in the Bell Smith Springs National Natural Landmark. The dirt trails can be moderate to difficult in some areas. Please, stay on designated trails. The trails pass under large shelter bluffs and various rock formations while offering vie...
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    • Simpson, Illinois

      Hike & Climb at Jackson Falls

      4.5 mi / 410 ft gain
      The road into Jackson Falls is rough and sometimes has washouts. A high clearance or 4x4 vehicle are almost required. Once you reach the parking or primitive camping area, take the short path to the top of the falls. It is close to only a 0.25 miles. This will give you a visual of the rest of the...
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    • Simpson, Illinois

      Climb Up the Trigg Observation Tower

      Trusting in the iron supporting the stairs is difficult until you step on the wood, which soon become your main concern. A fun test for a fear of heights.
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    • Belknap, Illinois

      Hike the Todd Fink-Heron Pond Trail

      1.5 mi / 125 ft gain
      This easy trail crosses a truss bridge over the Cache River and features a floating boardwalk in the middle of one of the most beautiful and accessible Cypress-Tupelo swamps in the Midwest. There are 10 interpretive panels located along the trail to guide your way. The floating boardwalk section ...
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    • Herod, Illinois

      Explore the Arch of the Gods

      0.25 mi / 50 ft gain
      Hundreds of people will drive past this trail and arch on the weekends and never know they just drove past one of the best sights within the Garden of Gods Wilderness of the Shawnee National Forest. It is a few hundred feet off the road on the way to the more popular Garden of the Gods Observatio...
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    • Junction, Illinois

      Hike Rim Rock National Recreation Trail

      1.7 mi / 360 ft gain
      Rim Rock Trail follows the edge of the bluff top, hence its name, and features vistas of a slot canyon below, a stone fort used by prehistoric Native Americans, a cave used on the Underground Railroad, and diverse wildlife habitats. Located near very popular Garden of the Gods, Rim Rock is someti...
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    • Herod, Illinois

      Garden of the Gods Trail

      2.16 mi / 256 ft gain
      Garden of the Gods Trail is an out-and-back trail where you can see beautiful wildflowers located near Equality, Illinois.
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    • Herod, Illinois

      Hike the Garden of the Gods Observation Trail

      1 mi
      In the southernmost part of Illinois, Shawnee National Forest is a wonderful natural area that transports you far from the flat agricultural landscape typical of so much of the Midwest. Located in the central area of the forest, Garden of the Gods is a 3,318-acre wilderness area characterized by ...
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    • Vienna, Illinois

      Bike the Tunnel Hill State Trail

      9.3 mi / 326 ft gain
      The 9.3 (one way) section of the 44.5 mile that begins at the Tunnel Hill access point and travels south to Vienna, Illinois is one of the most picturesque stretches of Southern Illinois.  The former Norfolk Southern Railroad line connects to many other popular trails like the River to River Trai...
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    • Stonefort, Illinois

      Hike to Burden Falls

      0.8 mi
      Located in the Shawnee National Forest near Stonefort, Burden Falls, though perhaps small by other standards, is among the highest in Illinois. There are many side trails to explore, making this a great spot for birders and photographers. The hike is a 0.8 mile moderately rated loop trail. Thoug...
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