Your basecamp for outdoor adventure in the Cascade Shasta Region of Northern California.

Top Spots

Arboretum Loop Trail

Redding, California

2.07 mi / 43 ft gain

Hilltop Trail Head to Sundial Bridge

Redding, California

2.27 mi / 167 ft gain

Middle Creek Trail

Redding, California

6.23 mi / 525 ft gain

Westside Trails

Redding, California

3.47 mi / 604 ft gain

Churn Creek Trails

Redding, California

3.76 mi / 180 ft gain

Leah's Loop and Secluded Loop

Redding, California

1.93 mi / 82 ft gain

Fishermen's Trail

Redding, California

1.95 mi / 157 ft gain

Mule Loop

Redding, California

1.48 mi / 59 ft gain

Clover Creek Preserve

Redding, California

1.43 mi / 23 ft gain

Places to stay

Shasta County, California

Summit Lake Stock Corral

Redding, California

Shasta Campground

Whiskeytown, California

Whiskey Creek Group Picnic Area (Whiskeytown Nra)

Shasta, California

Brandy Creek Primitive Campground

Igo, California

Sheep Camp Primitive Campground

Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity Nra

Dry Creek Group Campground (Whiskeytown Nra)

Guides and stories

An Epic 3 Days of Backpacking in the Trinity Alps

Benjamin Canevari

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