Hatchet Falls (Lion Slide)

Montgomery Creek, California

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Added by Shawn Ford

Lion Slide or locally known as Hatchet Falls is known for the spectacular views and convenient log that has fallen across the center of the waterfall.

About 45 min outside of Redding, California is this breathtaking waterfall, with being a relatively short hike makes it fun for all ages. The hike takes about 5 minutes from the road. Finding Hatchet Falls (aka Lion Slide) from the road are another story, with these falls not being marked anywhere and not visible from the road you have to keep your eyes peeled. In order to get to the falls you have to drive on highway 299 from Redding for about 45min you will come upon a left turn onto big bend road. After you have turned just follow that until you run into a dirt area with a bridge right before a big sweeping corner, make sure you take the trail to the right so it leads you to the falls. As soon as you walk about 20 yards on the trail you will be following the creek up to the falls! And as soon as you gaze upon this waterfall you are going to be grinning cheek to cheek for the sweet relief of the summer sun!

Hatchet got its name for the log being notched in as steps to make it easier to climb up the log to jump back in the water, but the real fun comes in when you venture up the right side of the waterfall to the rock ledge that makes for an exhilarating 50ft drop. If you're really feeling daring, go to the left side of the falls where a huge oak tree stands and jump from that side for about a 65ft drop. During summer the water fall is an amazing refreshment from the heat. If you have some shoes on, make sure you venture upstream and see what little relaxing swimming spots you can find and maybe some incredible views! Be careful if you choose to jump and make sure you check the water depths beforehand. 

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Hatchet Falls (Lion Slide) Reviews

I moved to the area years ago to enjoy local places as the falls. Then some dipshit wrote an article about "local secret hot spots" about shasta county. He wrote of 4-5 waterfalls and a hot spring. There used to be a few people at each place on and off and then after the article all the issues started with trash leaving trash, injuries and lawsuits. Being drunk and doing dangerous things is dumb but what really gets me is they have the balls to sue the owner for their bad decisions and THAT is when the owners of this place and one other near by were closed to the public indef. Really pisses me off that one person can ruin it for everyone just for being stupid then a total ahole. So between the a-hole and the dip shit who wrote the article I have 2 words for you...the first starts with an F and the last is off. As for the hot springs, closed so thank you to the people who leave trash, diapers, and bathe in the springs another place ruined by worthless trash.

Just a quick but treacherous hike from the road and you are at the base of the falls. There are a couple different places to jump off, up to 45 feet. The water is very cold but very nice on a hot day. This is a great spot to spend the day and the only downside is the small availability of level ground to set up things like chairs

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