Lee Vining

The under appreciated former mining town of Lee Vining lies along the eastern entrance into Yosemite National Park. While access is cut off in the winter months due to snow in the high Sierras, this is the leading launch point for fishing and backpacking into Mono Lake, June Lake, Grant Lake, and Mammoth Lakes.

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Top Adventures near Lee Vining


Explore and Hike Mono Lake

358 Saves

Hike Panum Crater Trail

24 Saves

Explore the Mono Lake Tufas under the Milky Way

193 Saves

Camp at Mono Lake

444 Saves

Explore the Black Point Fissures

124 Saves

Hike to Upper Sardine Lake

81 Saves

Camp at Junction Campground, Mono County

6 Saves

Hike to Parker Lake

47 Saves

Climb the Third Pillar of Dana

101 Saves

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