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Hoover, Alabama

Looking for the best rock climbing in Hoover? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Hoover. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Rock Climbing Spots in and near Hoover

  • Birmingham, Alabama

    Bouldering at Moss Rock Preserve

    1 mi / -50 ft gain
    Moss Rock has abundant parking, and easy access to all climbing areas. There is no fee for use or facilities, however there are several small local restaurants and often times a food truck within walking distance of the parking lot.There are two major bouldering areas as well as hiking trails and...
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  • Hoover, Alabama

    Exploring Moss Rock Preserve

    0.5 mi / 164 ft gain
    Home to one of the largest boulder fields in Southeast, Moss Rock Preserve provides adventure for all types of explorers. Nestled in the rocky, rolling hills of Birmingham, at the end of the Appalachian Mountains, Moss Rock is aptly named after the behemoth boulders littered throughout its charmi...
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  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama

    Boulder at Hurricane Creek Park

    Hurricane Creek Park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama hosts a field of climbable boulders within it's forest. From the parking lot, follow the trail that stems from the cul-de-sac for approximately 1/10 mile. You will encounter the first cluster of boulders on your right. There are several beginner routes ...
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  • Oneonta, Alabama

    Climb at Palisades Park

    Palisades Park is a great place for beginners and advanced climbers. Following the pin, the crag is easily accessible from the parking lot. A short walk from the parking lot leads you straight to the cliff edge where you will find 60-70 foot cliffs to rappel/climb. Palisades requires you have a p...
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  • Steele, Alabama

    Bouldering Horse Pens 40

    1 mi
    Horse Pens 40 is a very well known place for bouldering throughout Alabama. The parking and location arepretty well-marked with signs as you get closer to arriving. Once you arrive and park at Horse Pens, you need to go inside the store to fill out a waiver and pay $6.50 to climb. The bouldering ...
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