Jewel of the Russian Far East

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Explore the wonders of the undiscovered region of the Russian Far East


Duration: 13 Days
Starts in: Arctic
Group Size: 1-50

Operated by:

World Expeditions

World Expeditions is an adventure travel and ecotourism company that offers guided small group trekking and adventure holidays.


Arrive Anadyr, board Spirit of Enderby

All expedition members will meet in Anadyr. If you require pre or post cruise accommodation or excursions please contact us. Depending on your time of arrival you may have the opportunity to explore Anadyr before boarding the Spirit of Enderby.


We spend the day in and around the town of Egvekinot on the shores of Kresta Bay. The town was built by Gulag prisoners who were then forced to construct a road to the mine. We explore the town which has an excellent museum, the road and tundra as well as visit the Arctic circle.

Bukhta Gavrilla

This coastline is rich in marine mammals and one creature we will be looking for, in particular, is the walrus.

Pika River & Meinypil’gyno

We start the day with a visit to the delta of Pika River – a well known walrus haul-out and one of the few places in the southern part of the range that still get thousands of animals coming to rest on the beach. Later in the day, we visit Meinypil’gyno, a small settlement located on a 40 kilometre long shingle spit. It is a traditional village although renovated under the recent Chukotka government.

Bukhta Natalia

Along the Koryak coast there are many beautiful bukhtas (bays or fiords) but none possess the dramatic allure and beauty of Bukhta Natalia. This fiord has two smaller fiords that drain into it from the south – called Bukhta Pavla and Bukhta Petra (Paul and Peter). They are named after Bering’s two ships of the first Kamchatka or Great Northern Expedition. We will cruise to the head of Bukhta Pavla and make an expedition landing. This will be a great opportunity to explore the “hinterland”, and you will be surrounded by magnificent mountain landscapes and tundra vegetation. There is a walrus haul-out on Bogoslova Island which guards the entrance to these fiords - we will check to see if the animals are ashore.

Tintikun Lagoon

Much of the southern Lorran Peninsula was recently made into State Reserve. There are a number of fiords included in the Reserve – one of the most spectacular is Tintikun Lagoon. This fiord was blocked by a large terminal moraine during the last period of glaciations. A shallow river has breached the moraine, allowing access to one of the most picturesque locations you will find anywhere in the world. We plan to explore the lagoon with Zodiacs, which we’ll drag into the lagoon while you walk up the river bank. There is a large population of Brown bears, and these should be feeding in and around the river mouths that drain into the head of the fiord (lagoon). There is also a good variety of waterfowl, and the lagoon provides easy access to various vegetation types.

Koryakskiy Reserve & Verhoturova Island

We will start the morning in Brown Bear country, an undisturbed habitat within the Koryakskiy Reserve, where we will go bear watching and Zodiac cruising along the coast. Brown Bears come down to the sea coast and into the nearby hills very frequently, and the area is completely protected and rarely visited.

Karaginskiy Island

A few miles to the south from Verhoturova Island is the much larger Karaginskiy Island. Here we encounter some of the first ‘forests’ of the voyage. This is a change from the tundra that we have seen so far depicting a sure sign that we are getting further south. Autumn is the best time for the wild berries and we can marvel at the richness of the local flora, as many of them would be at their best.

Commander Islands

The Commander Islands sit at the western extremity of the well-known Aleutian Islands. There are two large islands (Bering and Medney) with two smaller islands (Arij Karmen and Toporkov). These islands are Russian territory, discovered by the explorer Vitus Bering. Bering and his men were shipwrecked here, and he perished along with many of his men. The reports from those that survived led to a ‘fur rush’ and settlement on the Islands. The Commander Islands were an important strategic military and Border Control post during the Cold War, but since the collapse of communism in 1991-1992 many of the people have moved away. We visit Nikoi’skoye, the one small village that remains, to meet some of the locals and visit the small museum, before investigating some of the known wildlife colonies, including a large number of seabird and seal colonies.

Olga Bay

Olga Bay is a part of the very large Kronotskiy Reserve, which also includes the world-famous Valley of the Geysers. The habitat is quite different to what we will have been experiencing before with lush Kamchatka forests coming right down to the beach line. The area around Olga Bay is frequented by large numbers of Grey Whales that are usually quite friendly to the visiting boats. The rising volcanoes in the background will provide a beautiful setting to explore real Kamchatka wilderness.

Zhupanova River/ Bukhta Bechevinskaya

This morning we make our way along the Zhupanova River by Zodiac. This journey allows us to explore a river habitat which is common in Kamchatka.

Disembark in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and transfer to airport

During the night the Spirit of Enderby will enter Avacha Bay which is one of the greatest natural harbours in the world. On the shores of the Bay is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, the capital and administrative centre of the Kamchatka Region. We end our expedition today, however due to outbound flight schedules we are pleased to be able to offer two disembarkation options:

Additional Information

This journey presents the unique opportunity of travelling down the entire coastline of the Russian Far East. This is a chance to discover a region that, until recently, was ‘off limits’ to western visitors. The reindeer and Mountain Sheep will be feeding in preparation for the harsh winter while the Brown Bears, which will have fed extensively on berries in the early summer, will be concentrated on the rivers and creeks and feeding on salmon. Late summer/early autumn is one of the best times to discover this wilderness. The late summer sun and the onset of the autumn colours will make the landscape look like a picture postcard. We will travel south along the Koryak and Kamchatka coastlines to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Along the way we will make numerous landings, including two full days at the Commander Islands. Our landings will focus on flora, fauna, and interactions with local people in genuine situations, enabling you to better understand their history and lifestyle.


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