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Summit Kilimanjaro

Arusha Region, Tanzania

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Summit every adventurers's dream come true — the mighty Kilimanjaro. Follow MT Sobek's highly experienced guides up a less-traveled route with a 98% summiting success rate. Journey along the forested slopes of Mount Meru, home to colobus monkeys, buffalo, giraffes, and elephants. Marvel at Great Barranco Valley's otherworldly senecio, groundsel, and lobelia plants and witness the stunning Lava Tower, a rocky outcrop piercing up over 15,000 feet into the sky. Magical sunsets and glacier vistas await at our campsites en route to the "roof of Africa" at 19,340 feet.


Welcome to Tanzania

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania and meet with MT Sobek trip leaders to transfer to camp at the foot of Mount Meru, a stratovolcano roughly 40 miles west of Mount Kilimanjaro. Relax and acclimatize at 6,000 feet (a key factor in our summitting success rate), and meet fellow travelers before hitting the trail.

Hike the Forested Slopes of Mount Meru

Rise and shine for a hot breakfast at sunrise. After an in-depth briefing session, set off for an optional warm-up hike on the forested slopes of Mount Meru. Look out for colobus monkeys, buffalo, giraffes, and elephants and notice the region's diverse bird species that include touracos, hornbills, and parrots. Unwind to the alpenglow descending on the majestic slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance.

Trek through a Montane Cloud Forest to Machame Camp

Kick the day off with a scenic drive to the Machame Route trailhead on Kilimanjaro's southeastern slope. Pass Kilimanjaro National Park gates and start the beautiful montane cloud forest trek to the camp near the Machame Hut (10,000'). En route, pause for a hearty buffet lunch and continue the tropical climb over roots and through tangled vines of the giant fern forest. Warm up to a hot dinner at MT Sobek Camp's cozy dining tent.

Trek to Shira Plateau at 12,650'

After breakfast, begin a short but arduous 3-mile hike through twisted heather bush forests, giant groundsel trees, low grasses, moorland lobelias, and black obsidian rock. End at Shira Plateau at 12,650', a stunning viewpoint onto the sweeping East African plains and Mount Meru in the distance. At the camp, revel in the first views of Kilimanjaro's Western Breach.

Head East to the Stunning Lava Tower

Trek east towards Kibo Massif, Kilimanjaro's highest peak crater. Make your way towards the stunning rocky outcrop, Lava Tower, piercing up from the mountain over 15,000' into the sky. Rocks and boulders line the path towards Barranco Valley at 14,300', filled with hundreds of giant senecio, groundsel, and lobelia plants. Take in the jaw-dropping views of this valley, looking out over Kibo's face, the Western Breach, and Kilimanjaro's southern glaciers. The camp is at a lower elevation than the highest point of the day, to assist with adaptation.

Depart Machame Route for Arrow Glacier Camp

Today you change the course from Machame Route towards the Western Breach on a path less traveled. Climb over rocky ridges and face stunning views of the Breach Wall and the Breach Icicle. En route up to the camp at Arrow Glacier, the entirety of the Shira Plateau beckons below.

Acclimatize at Arrow Glacier Camp

Time to slow the pace, acclimatize, and rest the body and mind for the final push to Kilimanjaro's summit. Go for an optional acclimatization hike or a leisurely hangout around camp over hot cups of tea and breathtaking scenery.

Climb to Crater Camp

Today ascend 3,000 feet to the Great Western Breach, a steep rock wall leading to the edge of Kibo's crater. Arrive at the MTS Crater Camp at 18,300 feet and bask in the magical scenery of towering glaciers moving leisurely across the rocky landscape.

Summit the Top of Uhuru Peak

Today comes the unforgettable moment of success: making the final, 2-hour push to 19,341' — the top of Kilimanjaro's Uhuru Peak. Rejoice in surreal views of summit crater glaciers and African plains and join in for a group summit photo. Around 9am, start descending over 9,000 feet. Rest during lunch at Barafu (15,000 feet) and end the last night at Mweka Camp, nestled within a lush forest.

Bid farewell to Kilimanjaro

Finish off the last 3,700 feet down the rainforest trail to the Mweka Gate for transfer to the Moivaro Lodge. Relax, enjoy hot showers, and let the rewarding experience of the spectacular journey sink in. Receive your climb certificate at the final celebratory dinner and bid farewell to fellow climbers, then head to the Kilimanjaro International Airport for homeward-bound flights. Those who prefer can join our optional 4-day post-climb wildlife safari!

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Arusha, Tanzania


Arusha, Tanzania

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