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Cross the Arctic Circle and visit the isolated and pristine Wrangel and Herald Islands of Russia


Duration: 15 Days
Starts in: Russian Arctic
Group Size: 48

Operated by:

Exodus Travels

The original adventure and activity holiday company specializing in cultural, walking, cycling, winter and wildlife adventures.


Start Anadyr and embark.

Anadyrskiy Bay.

Yttygran, Nuneangan and Arakamchechen Islands.

Cape Dezhnev and Uelen Village.

Kolyuchin Island.

Wrangel and Herald Islands.

North Siberian Coast.

Kolyuchin Inlet.

Bering Strait and Chukotka Coast.

At Sea.

Disembark in Anadyr.

Additional Information

This unique expedition crosses the Arctic Circle and includes the isolated and pristine Wrangel and Herald Islands and a significant section of the wild North Eastern Siberian coastline The very small distances between Russia and the USA along this border area was known as the Ice Curtain, behind which then and now lies one of the last great undiscovered wilderness areas in the world. Wrangel Island is a treasure trove of Arctic biodiversity, best known for its large populations of Polar bears. It is also home to a huge number of Pacific walrus and nearby are major feeding grounds for migrating Grey whales.


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