Camping at Caprock Canyon State Park

2.5 miles  - Out-and-Back Trail

Added by Suril Patel

This park is a beautiful, scenic site with amazing red sandstone and siltstone made canyons, plateaus, and valleys. The short hike in (1.5mi - 3 mi) leads to very secluded campsites and hiking trails.

Caprock Canyon State Park is equipped with two primitive campgrounds: North Prong and South Prong. These campgrounds are equipped with pit toilets as seen in the above photos. For camping at the North Prong Primitive Campsite, the hike from the parking lot to the campsite is 1.25 miles. The hiking trails are near the campsite and they range from 0.5 mile trails to 3 mile trails. The elevation near the North Prong campsite is about 2,600 feet, and hiking up the trails the elevation increases to about 3,100 feet.

Check out the park's website for more information and online reservations.

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over 2 years ago

Absolutely Gorgeous!

The hike at Caprock was awesome! If you like a challenge, try out the Haynes Ridge Overlook Trail. It is by far the most challenging and brings you around the outer rim of the canyon. Then, connect with the Upper Canyon Trail to see Fern Cave and The Last Dance Hoodoos. There is also a perfect spot to interact with prairie dogs and there is a good chance you will see bison roaming as well.


Amazing hiking trails with a great view!

šŸ„ˆ Contributor

about 4 years ago

I thought I was in Moab again!

As a west coast transplant to Texas, I've found myself occasionally underwhelmed by hikes in the Lone Star state. There aren't too many "heart pounding, exciting" hikes outside of West Texas, but Caprock Canyon delivered! Great elevation gains, red rock rising high above your campsite, this place was RAD! Camped this past March, and the weather was perfect. I definitely recommend.

Caprock Canyon

I drove to Caprock from Oklahoma City. It was a very flat land, and the further you went the less things were (not even kidding). Caprock is located near the town of Quitaque. Its a beautiful place! Far warning, if you are looking for something to "eat when you get there", you will be driving another hour for food other than gas stations. The Park was beautiful! I had the privilege at staying by lake Theo. There was plenty of wildlife to go around. I was able to do the "natural bridge trail" that was 2 miles both ways. The actual bridge part can be hard to miss! Once on the trail, you will come across a wooden bench, that sits on the "bridge". To get a better view of it, I suggest climb down to see it from the side view which you can also go down into!

Totally Awesome!

I stayed exactly where the picture shows, it was amazing. It was just me when I went. Totally eye opening. You feel alone and vulnerable, a feeling we don't feel much. I would recommend this to any adventurer.

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