Taylor Pruis

Guy Fleming loop

Unreal views. Also so interesting to see big cacti and Torrey pines growing in the same spot. My favorite trail at Torrey pines

Trail change

The trail has been changed recently. The very steep scrambling section is no more. It is now a fairly easy walk all the way down to the falls. Went on a weekday afternoon in the winter and had it all to myself!


Torrey pines is a very unique place! Personally my favorite trails were the guy Fleming loop and the broken hills section. The overlook is very cool and there’s waaaaay less people on those trails. It also goes right next to the golf course. Walking on the beach itself is also spectacular

Tough but rewarding

Very difficult section over steep shale. Even more difficult before the snow melts (really should have snow gear, but doable without depending on depth and location of snow). Trailhead is best reached from the EAST side of road 073, as the west route is pretty much impassable without a heavy duty 4WD, even though it’s much closer to Moab. Take lots of pictures!

Great for a beginner

Had a blast here for my first time mountain biking. We did not bring a car capable of carrying bikes to Moab, and most shuttles are closed due to covid-19 so it was very convenient to rent bikes from Ken at Bighorn right across the highway from the trails! We rode the lazy EZ loop which was a blast, the rusty spur and small sections of bar M, before stopping for lunch on the slick rock of Circle O. Great view of arches and the la sals. We then stepped up our game by completing the north 40 loop, an intermediate/advanced trail. It was a blast but exhausting!

May 2020

Great intro hike to the Moab area. Fairly easy and short with a great payoff. Also great swimming in the Colorado River across from the trailhead! There is not much shade on the entire trail besides from the shade from the arch itself, so take water/maybe don’t go during the absolute hottest part of the day


Even if you aren't an experienced kayaker, do this! Get a guide from one of the companies in Munising - they provide sea kayaks, including double kayaks. You will not regret it.