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Razor Point, Beach Trail, & Broken Hill Trail Loop

San Diego, California

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3.21 miles

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440 ft

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Added by Alyssa Gregory

Razor Point, Beach Trail, & Broken Hill Trail Loop combines multiple trails in Torrey Pines to make a long, scenic loop that includes most of the trails in the reserve.

The parking area for all of Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is located right off North Torrey Pines Road (where the location is for this hike), about 20-30 minutes north of San Diego. It's $10 to park, and there was also a smaller parking lot at the top of the hill if you want to avoid the initial big uphill hike. If you want to avoid paying, have a friend drop you off outside the parking lot and walk up the hill to the top. The hill is a paved road and it's kind of steep and you'll be walking about 0.8mi on it to the trail head, but it flattens out after about 0.5mi.

Bring plenty of water since the sun is always out in southern California. The dirt trails are all very clearly marked/cordoned off and there isn't much tall foliage except for the Torrey Pines so you can almost always see the entire surrounding area as you walk.

I had several hours to spend in the reserve and I wanted to see as much of it as possible, so I chose to combine several of the out-and-back trails into a large loop. Individually, these are the trail lengths:

Razor Point Trail = 0.5mi out-and-back (1mi total)Beach Trail = 0.75mi out-and-back (1.5mi total)Broken Hill Trail = 1.33mi out-and-back (2.66mi total)

I started with Razor Point Trail. This trail will take you on a zig-zagging path down to Razor Point (of course), where you get to see some cool-looking rock formations that look like Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. On the way down you can do some "lite" rock climbing on Red Butte. If you climb on top of it you get a nice panoramic view of the reserve.

After I had my fill at Razor Point, I doubled back on the Razor Point Trail and then made a right when I came to the fork. Walking this way leads you to the Beach Trail, which, as its name says, leads down to the beach. However before you start down the beach trail, make a right immediately before it for a little scenic overlook at Yucca Point at the end of a lariat trail. Then come back up the lariat to the Beach Trail.

The Beach Trail is a little steep at the end and there are a few spots that might be challenging if you are not nimble because you have to jump down some rocks a little bit and then walk down some narrow old slippery steps to get to the beach. Once you're down on the beach, you may decide you don't feel like walking all the way back up and you could just walk back along the beach to the parking lot (if your car is in the lower lot). If you do decide you're not tired enough yet, you can climb back up those stairs and head for the Broken Hill Trail.

To get on the Broken Hill Trail, make a right as soon as you come up from the beach and reach a junction. To your left is the Beach Trail where you came from. If you follow the trail right, you're on the Broken Hill Trail which will lead you back up to the top. Follow this trail up for about 0.6mi until you reach a crossroads. Here, you will have 3 options of where to go. There are 2 trails that continue upward (the North Fork Trail and the South Fork Trail) and one trail that will go back downward a little bit to the Broken Hill Overlook. I did not check out the Broken Hill Overlook. I continued on the South Fork Trail to the top.

While on the South Fork trail, I did not see a single other person, which was strange because the reserve was fairly busy the day I was there. This is the only part of the trails I did that day where there were times where I was surrounded by foliage and couldn't see the rest of the area. I thought I had gone the wrong way but I did eventually end up back at the top, although at one point I emerged from a path and looked back to see I had just come through a DO NOT ENTER sign so I am not sure what happened there. But either fork trail should lead you back to the main road at the top.

Once you're back on the main road, make a left and keep walking until you reach the parking lot. If you took the South Fork Trail, it's about 0.9mi to the upper parking lot. If you took the North Fork Trail, it's about 0.7mi to the upper parking lot. The lower parking lot is another 0.5mi downhill.

Torrey Pines is one of the most beautiful and most accessible state parks I have ever been to and I think it's an absolute must-see while you're in San Diego. Enjoy!

Total Distance: about 3.2mi

Total Time: about 3 hours at a leisurely pace

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Razor Point, Beach Trail, & Broken Hill Trail Loop Reviews

Torrey pines is a very unique place! Personally my favorite trails were the guy Fleming loop and the broken hills section. The overlook is very cool and there’s waaaaay less people on those trails. It also goes right next to the golf course. Walking on the beach itself is also spectacular

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