Drive the Custer State Park Wildlife Loop

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30 minute drive with sights of buffalo, burros, pronghorn, and more!

Requires a state park pass to enter Custer State Park. Animals get very close to your car, but please do not touch or feed them. A visitor center on the south end of the road has great information regarding the park.  

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Easy Parking
Family Friendly
Handicap Accessible
Picnic Area


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🥇Top Contributor

about 1 month ago

Cool to see...

Cool experience if you're not headed to Yellowstone or Glacier.

🥇Top Contributor

about 2 years ago

Animals Everywhere

I live minutes from the loop, and it never fails to have some kind of Wildlife! If you are lucky you might be surrounded by a herd of buffalo when you park on the road to watch them!

🥇Top Contributor

almost 3 years ago

Wildlife central

This loop was full of wildlife. I saw Bison, Elk, Monster bucks, and a eagle, there was much more!

🥈 Contributor

over 3 years ago

Easiest Way To See Wildlife In The Hills

There is maybe a 10% chance that you will not see any animals on this loop. The other 90% of the time you'll get to see buffalo, burrows, prairie dogs, and the occasional elk, antelope, and deer. Please stay in your vehicle when you're near the buffalo, do not put babies in your cars, and respect all wildlife you see. The burrows are very friendly and love snacks such as carrots and other veggies!

Friendly Buffaloes

I just recently moved here from California and was out driving around looking for cool adventure spots and stumbled upon "Wildlife Loop Rd". I said why not and turned down the road. After a few miles or so I saw tons of deer and antelope. Soon after, I came over this hill and there were buffalo everywhere! I was stoked to say the least. With no hesitation I drove closer and ended up being surrounded by cute, friendly Buffaloes. I was able to get some amazing pictures and videos of them, I definitely recommend taking this drive.

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