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SandersSooners !

Amazing rock formations! Plenty of parking, 2 mile loop hike. Pedestal rocks are cool to check out from the trail. There are a couple places where you can get to the lower level and explore the caves along the bluffs. We did spot a snake 🐍 🇺🇸

The drive to parking lot was slow going down the dirt road. There were some signs about 4x4 and high clearance. When we went there weren’t any issues with the road. A couple Honda Civics made it to the parking spot without a problem. Quick hike up the trail to the falls, we went right after a good Springtime rain, three were flowing. We crossed the creek and had lunch on the rocks, great spot for photography.

We hiked to the waterfall. Easy terrain and 1 mile in. Great views along the bluff.

Bucket list hike! Be prepared for waist deep water in places. A strong walking stock and good shoes are recommended. Also, start early to avoid the crowds.

Total of almost 1,500 feet in elevation gain. Dozens of switchbacks, last half mile uses chains to help reach to top. Amazing views at the top. Bring plenty of water.

Great hike to the top. Takes about an hour round trip. Parking is very limited during peak times. Amazing views. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Easy hike down to the falls. Watch for a possible American Indian trail tree a couple hundred yards from the start of the trail. Check out the falls from the top. We stopped and ate lunch at the bottom. Very unique waterfall, our favorite place in Buffalo River area. Also found a geocache on the way. Not as crowded. Family hike, kids 10 and up.

Hike down from Compton trailhead took us about 90 minutes. The water from flowing with recent Spring rain (end of March). Had lunch near the Falls. Grueling hike up took just over 2 hours gaining 1,200 ft in elevation. Great waterfall, amazing bluffs and terrain. I wouldn’t consider the hike out “Beginner”. For an easier hike I would recommend floating the river and hiking about .2 miles from the shore to the Falls.

Great place to check out. The initial climb to the top using the steep stairs will get your blood pumping. There are a couple places to stop and catch your breath. The views are worth the workout. Perfect place to watch the sunset. Several geocaches and an Earthcache to find.

Hiked to the top. Crazy geology. Logged the Earthcache.

Nicely maintained trails. Lots of rocks and geology to check out. Nice waterfall at the top near the lake spillway. Couple smaller waterfalls below. Places to climb on rocks and bluffs. Several geocaches and Earthcaches to find. Great for families. Lots of people on the trails.

Lots of rocks to climb and explore. Point is similar to hawksbill, not as high. Typically lots of people at the Vista, crowded trail. Good hike for families and kids 10 and up.

Easy hike to the point. Amazing ozark view. Family hike, kids 10 and up. Typically very crowded trail, not much room to park if really busy.

Hike along huge cliffs and bluffs. Through a keyhole Cave were the stream flows through. Couple waterfalls at the end. Squeeze through the last Cave where waterfall is at the back. Great for families, kids 10 and up.