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Swing on the La Jolla Tree Swings

San Diego, California

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Added by Alyssa San Agustin

Awesome views of La Jolla Shores. Wonderful Nostalgic feeling. Easy to find. Birch Aquarium and Beach within walking distance. Relaxing place to hang out.

From Torrey Pines Rd, turn left onto La Jolla Shores Drive. After about 1/4 of a mile down start to look for parking preferably near UCSD Coastal Apartments. Once parked walk along the UCSD apartments until you see Discovery way. Make a left at Discovery where you will then cross the street. You will see 3 metal poles. Once you pass those if you look to the right you will see the tree swings overlooking La Jolla.

There are 3 swings and are all very sturdy! There's nothing better than feeling like you're traveling back into time to your childhood. Especially with an outrageously gorgeous view in front of you along with the cool ocean breeze.

For more nostalgia if you walk just to the left of the swings you will come across a treehouse also overlooking La Jolla shores! This treehouse is extremely sturdy and offers such a calming breeze.

These two spots will bring nothing but smiles, laughter, and nostalgia. And killer views of La Jolla Shores!!

*Please note that the original swings have been taken down. See reviews for updates on swing status at this location. 

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Swing on the La Jolla Tree Swings Reviews

No swings left here anymore, but there are some huts made out of sticks and a ladder built into a tree to find!

Great spot but all that remains are ropes.

They're still gone. Someone please put them back up!! 😓

They're gone😢😢

The swings are gone but we can make new ones 👍🏼

No sign of them anymore, all gone!! :(

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