Canoe and Hike to the World Peace Pagoda

1.5 Miles Round Trip - Out-and-Back Trail

Phewa Lake Launch, Pokhara - Search Nearby - Added by Trevor Cox

Traveling through Nepal? Make sure to check out the World Peace Pagoda. A cheap kayak rental will open up a day of exploration and enjoyment for everyone. The World Peace Pagoda sits atop a hill on the opposite side of the lake of Penang, giving you unrivaled views of the Himalayas.

Start on Lakeside Road, just above Phewa Lake. There's a small ramp across from the main storefronts and restaurants leading down the hill to the waterfront and multiple docks. Renting a canoe is very cheap, if I remember correctly it was $2 USD. 

The guys at the dock are very friendly and will help point you in the right direction along with providing a small brochure with a map. Canoe along the left side of the lakeshore toward the island temple. Pass the temple, and continue along until a cove opens up on your left. Canoe into the cove, and dock your canoe there.

Head up the clearly marked trail for about 1 mile uphill, and you'll arrive at the World Peace Pagoda.

Bring a camera, and whatever you celebrate with at the summit! 



Easy Parking
Family Friendly
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1.5 Miles
Out-and-Back Trail


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Overall rating: 

Great mini adventure

This is a great mini adventure that is cheapo and includes a nice boat rental, a short but steep hike, and a great view of Pokhara. Highly recommend!

Scary Adventure

When we went to Pokhara, there was some agitation going on. Still, we rented a boat and went for it. However, the trip was shortlived as we were asked to return back.

#1 must-do in Pokhara

Renting a kayak, canoe, or paddle boat in Pokhara is the #1 activity I tell visitors to try (aside from paragliding, of course). The hike up to the World Peace Pagoda is pretty branchy and thick, but totally worth the effort. Plus - in one of those coves along the lake there's a huge patio bar with mediocre food and cheap beer.