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Gorgeous free camping on a windswept peninsula and great surfing when the conditions are right.

Punta Baja is an old fishing camp and (mostly) summertime surf spot at the end of a dirt road about 40 minutes drive south west of El Rosario.

Amenities and cel service are almost non-existent. There is a tiny market and restaurant that is rarely if ever open. You can sometimes buy fresh fish, abalone, and lobster from the fisherman. It is totally free. In other words, it is Baja perfection.

To get there take the dirt road southwest out of El Rosario off of Highway 1. The road will follow the wash toward the ocean and will often split and divide itself as it progresses west. It will pass several farms and eventually turn left (south) and proceed up and along a ridgeline eventually leading down to the town and peninsula of Punta Baja. You can trust Google Maps in this case.

There are numerous places to camp near the small lighthouse. There is a bathroom back near the restaurant/hotel "Don Chuy".

As an exposed peninsula it can be quite windy depending upon conditions. After recent rains the road can be impassable without a 4WD or the wash itself can be flooded.

There are surf breaks and campsites to the north and the south.

Be sure to pack out everything that you pack in.

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