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A beautiful white-sand beach and Baja perfection with more wildlife than you can imagine.

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga or "Gonzaga Bay" is an absolute treasure and for many it is the first big expansive and empty-feeling section of Baja they reach as they head south down Highway 5. The wide bay is set against a backdrop of massive cacti and features a huge sand spit that leads out to Isla San Luis Gonzaga.

While there are several vacation(ish) homes, the bay is home to only two restaurants and one small hotel and most visitors camp on the beach at Rancho Grande, a quasi-functioning property that may or may not be staffed and may or may not come around the next morning to ask for fifty pesos or so to spend the night. There are small outhouses which are the extent of the amenities.

Kayaking out to the island is an adventure and the tides are massive here, leaving huge clam beds exposed. 

Watch out for the El Norte winds in winter as they can be very strong.

In summer it is agonizingly hot.

Back on Highway 5 there is a Pemex Station and a fantastic market, the best you will find until you reach Guerro Negro hours to the south. Be sure to fill up on gas here if you are heading south.

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