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This Ex Convent has been around in one form or another for over 350 years (had to be partially rebuilt in 1722), and it is absolutely beautiful. If you're in Mexico City, this is a great escape from the general business of the city. It feels like a completely different world once you're out here, but you're only 45 minutes from the city (well, depending on traffic).

There are plenty of hiking (and mtn biking) paths that you can take around the convent, but on this adventure we really only saw the Ex Convent itself. The park is good for an entire day trip or weekend trip though (there's camping too).

Getting there: Car is the easiest way (if you have a rental or your own).  Otherwise there are options to take a taxi or bus (consult Lonely Planet for details on these).

What we did though is take an Uber, then contract with the driver to come back and pick us up later (because there is 0 cell reception on any carrier at this place, so you definitely will not be hailing an Uber from the Convent).  He was very nice and very willing to (for an off-the-books trip on the return).  I found out later though about the "schedule a trip" feature in Uber.  I'm going to try that next time, and will update if successful or not. 


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