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Taking a night shot at Popocatepetl is a great experience! Not only is it a volcano of 17,880 ft., but it also has great activity. With a little luck and a little patience, you can take night photos of this great giant in action.

To get to the national park Izta-Popo, you must take the federal road "Paso de Cortes" in the direction of San Nicolas de los Ranchos and Santiago Xalitzintla. When you arrive at the park, you have to register at the office and pay a fee of less than two dollars. Once you’ve registered, you have to drive 4.5 miles to La Joyita, which is the place where you can leave your car and start walking to find the spot indicated to see Popocatepetl at night.

In the National Park you can camp anywhere. It is important that you walk in the valleys of the South to be able to have the active volcano in front of you. There are no roads to get to these places, so you'll have to explore the plains and the tree line to find a place where you can appreciate the volcano at night.

The Popocatepetl is an active volcano and at night you will see the glow of the crater, or if you are lucky, some lava. Taking photos from the Iztaccíhuatl base towards the Popo is a great idea because you camp at 13,000 ft. and 6 miles from the crater. It is a privileged place for taking a good photo at night.

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