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The always crowded, always beautiful vista of Yosemite Valley. Photography-wise, definitely try and be here for sunrise when there are less people around. PRO TIP: The iconic "Clearing Winter Storm" shot by Ansel Adams was actually shot from Artist Point (a couple hundred feet above Tunnel View). The trailhead starts on the hill just behind the parking lot, and after a short hike, you're likely to have that view all to yourself!

Such a fun way to climb one of the more popular 14ers in Colorado. After cutting off the main trail at the base of the ridge, it's amazing Class III all the way up. The knife edge "crux" is a short section that's easily passed with some super graceful straddling of the ridge. All in all, just a fun, straightforward scramble. A+

If you're here to get that "Lion King" shot you've seen on instagram, maybe consider going during the week. Be prepared to hike through throngs of people and wait in line to get a picture on the rock during the weekends. For a more interesting experience, you can do this hike for a full moon!

You can't actually walk out on the pier (it's a research facility), but you can wander around the beach and get some sweet long exposure shots underneath the bridge.

For the best hike, I'd recommend starting from the top and heading down to the beach from the north side of the loop, then returning from the south side of the loop. One of my favorite hikes in the San Diego area. Seriously amazing during golden hour.

Great spot for shooting portraits, engagements, or to just wander along the cliffs at sunset. If you start at the north end, it makes for a great run out to Point Loma as well.

If you hike on a weekend, be prepared to brave the crowds at lake Isabelle. Its proximity to Boulder and relatively short distance make it a prime spot for the post-brunch crowd and families.

Great spot for a quick backpacking trip. We headed up the ridge to the left of the pass, which eventually leads to a bigger flat area with spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. Incredible spot for sunset and sunrise!

Hands down my favorite spot to camp in the Sierras. Huge alpine lake, ridiculous mountain backdrop, great camping spots...what more could you want?

Interesting spot. Not a whole lot going on at the Tufa's, get there at sunset or at night for more interesting photo opportunities. Overall, kinda meh in the daytime.



5 minute walk from the parking lot. Go here to get that "one shot" at sunrise or sunset. If you're pressed for time, I'd recommend sunset over sunrise. Hit another viewpoint on Lake Powell for sunrise and get a greater variety of scenery/light/shots.

A great day of canyoneering. The trail from the wildcat trailhead down to the start of the canyon can be a bit hard to follow, so make sure to keep your eye out for cairns. The canyoneering is fun and the rappels are short (and a couple are even circumventable if you're confident). Definitely recommend doing this in the summer, it makes the swims far more enjoyable! I'd definitely recommend the Top-down over the bottom-up hike!

Pretty cool spot. The pools smaller pools are warmer, but the big pool is impressive, and a apparently is 75 feet deep! Lot's of little (and bigger) tropical fish in the big pool. Fun spot to stop on your way north or south on the I-15.

Excellent spot to shoot some stars or setup a basecamp for tackling nearby 14ers Bierstadt and Evans. There is also plenty of dispersed camping in this area - we just slept in our car at the Bierstadt trailhead before hiking at sunrise!

A classic SF area instagram shot. Get there early in the morning or around sunset for the best light.



A great hike so close to SF. I'd recommend doing it the opposite direction, heading up the valley on Miwok Trail and Wolf Ridge to the top of Hill 88. Enjoy the views from the top and take your time wandering the myriad paths that crisscross the coast on your way back down. It's much more fun to stay on the ridge and explore than take the main trail back down!

Left at 4am (make sure you go to the East Ridge trailhead, not West...oops) and hit the final push to the summit right around sunrise. The lower trail can be hard to follow in the dark, but as long as you're making your way up towards the ridge you should be fine. Spectacular views from the top and SUPER fun glissading on the way down!



Had an awesome time on this track, but be prepared for ANY KIND of weather. It rained almost the entire time we were hiking and we experienced 50+mph wind gusts on the ridgeline between Luxmore and Iris Burn. It's on my to-do list to go back and see what it looks like when it's not a torrential downpour!

Start in the valley, and combine the 4-mile trail with the Panorama Trail (which starts at Glacier Point) for a 15 mile hike that I'd consider to be the best day hike in the valley!



Much like Lake Louise, this is a great view with zero effort, but the crowds are ridiculous. Sunrise is probably your best bet.

Unbelievable vista. Got lucky with a storm coming through that provided a ridiculously dramatic backdrop. Shot a panorama from Inspiration Point that I will be getting printed and putting on my wall ASAP.

Did this hike for the first time under a mostly full moon last week. So awesome. Nobody else was up there; we had a great view of Zion Canyon and some climbers doing a night ascent of Lunar Ecstasy across the way. If you're in decent shape the trail is nothing to worry about, although you definitely need to be careful near the top!

Wowza. Probably one of the best climbing setups I've seen. Awesome, cheap bivy area for climbers with great facilities. Sunsets here will blow your mind.



The road is currently closed (Apr 11, 2015), so you'll have to start hiking from the Syliners trailhead. Round trip to the Tumalo overlook is about 7ish miles.