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It’s a beautiful little canyon, but if you’ve ever seen anything remotely similar it might not be worth the trouble. Quite crowded and the main section only really takes ~15-20 min to walk through.

Nice waterfall, easily accessible from Martuljek. I ran from Kranjska Gora, turning this into a nice ~8.5 mile loop.

We ended up on the south route after a nasty cold spell turned the north glacier to sheet ice. There’s quite a bit of scree to tackle on the way up before hitting snow in the last push.

Definitely get out here for sunrise if you want a calmer experience. You’ll be fighting crowds most other times of the day. Still, a spectacular view regardless of the tourists.



Pretty cool hike. Quick up and down if you're in shape. The chain section adds a bit of fun to the final stretch of the hike, although it doesn't feel particularly exposed at any point (IMO). Definitely be prepared to be in a traffic jam if you go during the day. Fantastic view from the top!

It's a steep climb up to the hut, but man are the views worth it. With Mt. Armstrong just above and Mt. Brewster dominating the nearby skyline, you'll be in for a treat. A+ sunsets. Definitely at least go up to the summit of Armstrong, such an incredible view of the Southern Alps.

This short, steep hike offers panoramic views of Anchorage as a reward. I definitely wouldn't call it "easy", but this is definitely a very popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Incredible scenery for being so close to town.

The falls are cool, and the short hike is good if you need to stretch your legs. If you're short on time, it's definitely skippable.

The crowds aren't exaggerated, but neither is the incredible beauty of this spot. Try leaving early, camping, or hiking during the week to have the chance to experience the lake with fewer people around.

I did the full Black Tusk and Garibaldi as a day hike. Definitely a challenge, but super rewarding and doable for someone feeling fit. You can make it a sort of loop by taking the trail up past Garibaldi and then through Kennedy Meadows on the way down. If you're comfortable with class III scrambling, definitely head up the climbers trail from the saddle and find the steep gully that leads to the very top -- but be aware of other climbers and some very loose rock.

The falls are beautiful, but this definitely falls into the "roadside attraction" category. Unless you're really taking your time, you can hit both viewpoints pretty quickly.

The ruins are amazing, but there is also a way to make it a full ish day and hike over the pass and approach Písac from above, which is an incredible view.

One of the easiest ways to really appreciate the scale of the redwoods. The scale of these trees is simply incredible.

I left a waning Colorado season to ski here in late April, and it felt like mid-winter. The views are out of this world, and there's terrain for every skier ability. Favorite areas were Goat's Eye and some of the chutes off Teepee (will have to save Delirium Dive for next time!)

Not only is Norquay 5 min from town and a great warmup for ski adventures further down valley, it's a fantastic little resort in it's own right. Love the small, local vibe (and the steeps off the North America chair). Plus, the views of Mt. Rundle are hard to beat.

Got here for sunrise, and wow, what a stunner. A much more expansive and magnificent view than Horseshoe Bend, plus way less people than Arches.

We walked from the bus stop at the village square in Curiti, although there are many tuk tuk drivers that will offer to take you down to the swimming holes. We ended up catching a ride back up to Curiti with some locals. Great spot, we were the only travelers around. Grab a few beers and enjoy the water!

A pretty incredible place, with the dunes juxtaposed against the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. Wander around, and be sure to get up high enough to see the full dune field to the north and west!

There are a lot of hyped up spots out there that don't make the grade. Laguna 69 is not one of those. The water really is THAT blue, and surrounded by one of the most beautiful mountain ranges I've ever seen. If you're there on a day tour, it'll be a little crowded, but it's still spectacular.

A 30 second walk brings you to a surprisingly spectacular waterfall. The calcium deposits and falls seem almost out of place in the mountain/desert landscape. The full path around the falls takes you by some pretty cool caves. All in all, nothing fancy, but a nice spot to grab a waterfall photo.

A quick skin from the parking lot will take you to the old Boston town site, where a likely clear skin track heads up and to the right to the ridgeline. From the top, you can take a direct route or meander through the trees before strapping those skins back on for another lap. This area is subject to avalanche danger, so check avalanche conditions ( before you go.

This is a great spot to catch a quick sunset. It's a short drive from Boulder, and the hike can be done in 20 minutes. You get a great view of the plains to the east and Indian Peaks to the west.

Got up here just after the first big snowstorm of the season. It's fairly well traveled, year round so the trail was clearly packed out. We made it all the way up to the Upper Lakes, but some kind of microspikes would definitely be recommended. The trail can get pretty icy in winter. Definitely go all the way back if you can, less people and better views!

Grays and Torreys are easily knocked off in a day hike. Be sure to leave early to avoid the inevitable summer thunderstorms (and beat the multitude of hikers). Guaranteed to be PACKED on a summer weekend, so get a super early start, or go during the week if you can. For the more adventurous, check out the Kelso Ridge route up Torreys!