Jonah Lucas

Trek of a lifetime

This is the trek of a lifetime. One friend and I hiked this, no guide or porters but we knew how to speak Nepali after studying in the country for 2 months. The hike is much more challenging carrying your own gear at altitude, but worth every second!

Great mini adventure

This is a great mini adventure that is cheapo and includes a nice boat rental, a short but steep hike, and a great view of Pokhara. Highly recommend!

Enjoyed by hikers

There was a couple small groups of hikers when we were there, but it was quite nice after trekking all day!

Once in a lifetime hike

This is a fantastic trip. We did it on our own with no guide, but had learned decent Nepali before going. Otherwise might recommend a guide.

over 1 year ago

Crowded by nice.

There are a lot of people on the trail pre dawn, but the sunrise is nice as long as there isn’t cloud cover. You will have to wait for people in front of you who may be moving slower.

Popular for a reason

Finding hikes on the East Coast which get you elevation gain necessary for a panoramic vista can sometimes be hard.... but this one ticks all the boxes. Hike up to the top and enjoy lunch, or if you want a really great workout it is a nice challenge for trail running.

Perfect for a long run or bike!

This trail is the perfect spot for a long run or bike ride. Whether you are training for an upcoming race, getting out to enjoy some nice weather, or perhaps even just want to beat the traffic between Annapolis and Baltimore, this trail is perfect. Local neighboring shops often put out water jugs, and the trail is used frequently without too much overcrowding.