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Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, Italy

Looking for the best hiking in Rhêmes-Notre-Dame? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around Rhêmes-Notre-Dame. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near Rhêmes-Notre-Dame

  • Tignes, France

    Hike to Lac La Plagne in the French Alps

    7.5 mi / 1968.5 ft gain
    This beautiful hike features ribbon and horse tail waterfalls backdropped behind wildflowers and grazing dairy cows along the creek descending the mountain. Though there are some steep sections to the hike, this day outing is accessible by all levels of adventurer.Getting thereAfter a short driv...
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  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

    Climb the Aiguille du Midi-Plan Traverse

    2.5 mi / 1148.3 ft gain
    The Aiguille du Midi Cable Car is the #1 tourist destination in the world’s capital for extreme sports, Chamonix. For regular tourists, a trip to the top of the 3842 m-high cable car museum provides plenty of excitement for one day. But for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s just the...
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  • Beaufort, France

    Snowshoe the Cormet de Roselend

    18.6 mi / 2986 ft gain
    The Roselend mountain pass is known in the cycling world for being part of the Tour de France, but in the winter it is essentially deserted. There are a few old buildings, a small electrical station and you'll perhaps see some locals out for a ski, but my bet is you'll feel magnificently alone in...
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  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

    Explore the Le Brévent Summit Alpine Area

    Begin this hike by either making the 3.5 hour hike from the town of Chamonix to the top of Le Brévent (roughly 4,900 ft gain), or take the Brévent cable car to the top.(31€ roundtrip). Once at the summit take a moment to enjoy the 360° view, the fun is only getting started. After getting your fil...
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  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

    Climb the Aiguilles Crochues Traverse

    5 mi / 1476.4 ft gain
    The valley of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is most well known for the mountain it’s named after, Western Europe’s highest peak. Yet just right across the valley on its north side lies a dramatic and beautiful range that cuts the horizon with tall rock spires: The Aiguilles Rouges.Part of the Rouges range,...
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  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

    Hike to Le Lac Blanc

    5 mi / 1657 ft gain
    This adventure begins at the Flégère gondola in Les Praz (a village in the NorthEast section of Chamonix), which is easy to get to with the free Chamonix bus. Take the Flégère gondola to La Flégère, situated at 1894 meters (6,213 feet). The ride up itself shouldn't take more than ten minutes, but...
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  • Martigny, Switzerland

    Hike to La Bâtiaz Castle in Martigny

    3.6 mi / 675 ft gain
    Starting in the Martigny town center, the trailhead is easy to find. Follow Rue de la Bâtiaz across La Dranse Rive and after about two blocks you will see signs to Chemin du Château, the "path to the castle."A relatively easy hike, switchbacks wind through vineyards on the mountainside for 1.8 mi...
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  • Zermatt, Switzerland

    Explore The Matterhorn

    The Matterhorn straddles both Switzerland and Italy and is one of the most beautiful peaks you can shoot. The summit sits at 14,692 feet, making this one of the tallest peaks in Europe.There's an abundance of mellow hikes around the area - check a map in Zermatt for a trail that suits you or just...
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  • Alagna Valsesia, Italy

    Hike to Alpe Testanera - Monte Rosa

    10.2 mi / 3641.7 ft gain
    This is an enjoyable hike that will lead you to a beautiful arena where your can admire the south side of the Monte Rosa.After parking at Wold, after the village of Alagna Valsesia, just follow the road to the Acqua Bianca falls. Here you can find the trail (7a) that leads to Turlo pass and, once...
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  • Zermatt, Switzerland

    Hike to Grindjisee

    1.8 mi / 150 ft gain
    Nestled at the end of a long valley, the village of Zermatt is constantly dwarfed by the tooth-shaped Matterhorn. You can virtually hike anywhere around Zermatt and see the Matterhorn, but there are some places that offer better views than others. One of those places is a small lake called Grindj...
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  • Talloires-Montmin, France

    Hike and Camp La Tournette

    3.9 mi / 2854.3 ft gain
    It is at the place called Chalet de l'Aulp (1424 m) that we began this walk. This is after the tarmac road terminus. A small remark: the stony road but carrossable continues to the chalet where you can park your car. But you can also start it from a place called Les Prés Ronds (1216 m). At the ch...
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  • Randa, Switzerland

    Hike to the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

    5.4 mi / 3280.8 ft gain
    Technical specificationsLength: 494m / Height: 85m / Elevation: 2080m above see level / Time to cross: 10 min The bridge is located in the Swiss Alps, near the village of Randa, where you start the hike. It says 4h for the loop, but it takes less time if you're a good hiker. The normal route is a...
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